Central Air

so hot…. SO MUGGY!!!

My house is a popular hang out, not due to my sparkling personality or it’s “young and hip” location, but due to it’s central air conditioning. Yes, each and every time I open my front door and attempt to leave my lovely, cool abode, I am hit with a solid wall of hot, wet, air.

Monkey walks around muttering “it’s like walking in soup.”

I think she and I will be living inside, with the cold air, all summer long.

More tomorrow, now, it is time for bed. I do not envy you the headache you will have tomorrow Denver, but for now, sleep well, and dream of large women.

6 thoughts on “Central Air”

  1. Hey! Why are all of my “large women” located in other places? Why do I have a series of close to 6′ tall female friends anyway? Why do you all like me anyway? I couldn’t even loan you shoes!

    Well, unless you had mutantly small feet for someone closing in on 6′! Kate’s off camping somewhere neat (but probably hot), Val’s off in KS (also humid – with Junebugs!) and you’re in…Joisey.

    What are you all thinking!

    It’s the diet, isn’t it? The Kessners go on a crazy diet that means no nummy desserts and you all ditch me?! Heartless wretches!

    Wait! I have one short local friend – Heather! Of course, she’s been swallowed whole by life. Hmm. I may have to come up with imaginary friends. Do you suppose they’d bring imaginary cake?

    Hang in there, kiddo! And take pictures!

  2. I’m not gone yet! We’re leaving for Mesa Verde tomorrow (Thursday). I’ve been dealing with a cat that peed so much on the couch that there were huge patches of urea crystals on the fabric on the bottom. All this in one week. We let him out of solitary for 30 minutes last night and he went to the couch and sprayed again! It looks like we will have to replace all our leather couches :(.

    But they have an IKEA!

  3. So why do blogs refuse to capitalize names? I feel like one of the great unwashed when I see “kate” above my words.

    I hope you and Marlena have a wonderful day staying out of the soup.

  4. Thank you all!! We did not stay out of the soup! But we did find A/C locations to frequent. It is a marketing tool our here, that A/C!! Tracy!! I miss you! I will make you cake, in the winter, when I can stand to turn on the oven!!

    It is not the diet, I did not only love you for the desserts! (Although they were nice, and partially responsible for the size of my pants)

    Enjoy Mesa Verde Kathleen!! I will capitalize you!!

  5. Kate, electro-shock therapy for the peeing.

    OK, maybe that just makes you feel better….

    Maybe he has a bladder infection and peeing in the catbox hurts and thus he’s associating catbox = pain. Might wanna get that checked. You may be able to get the sofas professionally cleaned and thus not buy new ones. It would HAVE to be cheaper.

    Luck! Enjoy Mesa Verde. I bet THAT’S hot!

    Misty, my desserts were always calorie free. I burned them up myself in the making of said desserts. If anything stretched your pants, it was your extra full thought processes!

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