Desperate Housewives…

Desperate Housewives…. suddenly I relate.

I didn’t watch Desperate Housewives when it first came out because I thought it was a reality T.V. show. I didn’t want to spend my time watching a bunch of suburban women cheating on their husbands or doing whatever other idiotic thing the reality T.V. guru’s decided to offer as entertainment. However, one night, on an airplane to RebLaw 2006, I saw the pilot episode on the plane. I was immediately entranced with the story and proceeded to Netflix the hell out of the first season. The show was so wonderful, the characters so real. I really sympathized with the women in the show.

Well, I watched more of it today while I was cleaning house in my suburban home, on my quiet street, while my husband takes over corporate America. The show really hit me hard today, I really felt as though I understood it on a whole new level. I left behind almost all my close friends, my family, and my connections. I left my career at it’s very inception. I spent my day cleaning my living room, unpacking boxes, and attempting to entertain my small daughter with a variety of learning games. I began to feel really desperate!! All of the sudden I had an image of my days, spent like Bree, smoothing out wrinkles on the bedspread. Espescially now that law school has instilled in me a very obsessive compulsive streak.

Now I know, logically anyway, that I am not actually going to turn into a character on Desperate Housewives. I also know that I have been in this postion for a week and a half, and my sense of unease is compounded by the fact that our house is still unpacked. I also know that having nothing to do but clean the house and entertain the child is a contributing factor to this feeling. However, despite knowing this, I felt so incredibly lost today. I have got to find a job. I am afraid I am going to lose my mind if I am not doing something while Monkey is in school all day, at least until the baby gets here.

Well, thanks for listening to me rant,

Your Denver Desperate Housewife, in Jersey.

5 thoughts on “Desperate Housewives…”

  1. Yuk!

    Can’t think of anything more constructive to offer. Is there a local rec center that you and/or Marlena can take classes at until school begins? Or after, if it’s just you, while she’s in school?

    Don’t lose your mind! You’re going to need it! Maybe you should attach The Clapper to it, just in case.

  2. Patience is the only cure. That, and getting to know your new surroundings. And working hard to get the house finished. I never feel settled until everything is done. I know the feeling, however, and have always worked full time. The key is to make sure that Marlena doesn’t think you’re working to flee her – I’ve known several children really hurt by the notion that their mother just can’t stand to be with them and had to go to work to escape. Not that I would advocate outright lying to one’s children …

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