Tired and gestating in Red Bank…

There is the baby!! Well, there is my tummy, which houses inside it, the baby!! I am doing well, and as soon as I can find a scanner, I will post images of the blob from our last sonogram. Still suffering from interminable exhaustion, but the upside is.. I am getting a lot of rest!

Monkey is starting to get used to the idea of school. She seems to enjoy it, though is always sad when I drop her off. I am finding the extra time very calming and the opportunity to read and relax very nice. I wish more of my friends were here to hang out with me while she is in school. (Especially you law people who aren’t working yet.) However, I still find a lot to do. For example: I am busily imagining all sorts of ways for a pregnant woman to picket pharmacies refusing to distribute birth control. I think it will make an interesting image. I also have been trying to make some interesting jewelry, and learning more crochet. I am reading like my life depends on it, maybe because my sanity depends on it. I am getting some exercise and cooking lots of interesting things.

Most importantly, I am beginning to like it here. It is not like home, I don’t love it, but it is a pleasant place to be. There was a street fair today, we went and ate funnel cakes. There was a carnival on the boardwalk last week that Monkey, Shane and I attended. There are orchards where you can pick your own fruit and the beaches are still lovely. So all in all it is not a horrible place to live. If you can get past the rude driver’s, the impatient people, the lack of real mexican food, and the bugs , it is pretty nice.

So, we come home to visit for the wedding in eleven days!! See you all for hugs soon!


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  1. Lovely photo, Catt. And I’m there for the lip balm. Mmmm, chocolate lip balm. Why are my lips so chapped? Could it be that I keep licking off the CHOCOLATE LIP BALM? Seriously, it sounds cool. Love and hugs.

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