HALLOWEEN MADNESS OCCURRED EARLY THIS YEAR as hundreds of Red Bank students celebrated the famed holiday on the friday before…. (article continues on page 5.)

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First, we moved my volunteer day to friday, so I could better understand the madness that is halloween in a primary school. I arrived a little after noon, and proceeded to spend the next 40 minutes assisting small people with the donning of costumes. Then I spent some time urging Monkey to stop moving, as each time she did she beaned a peer on the head with her wings. (They came off until the parade)

Then we all sat patiently in our seats while we waited for the school announcement to tell us we were heading out to the flagpole for the parade. The announcement, scheduled for a few minutes after one o’clock, was a little late. Therefore, we distracted the small, squirming princesses, teenage mutant ninja turtles, cartoon characters, and screamers with snacks. As the only parent who is obsessive about nutrition, I spent a few hours cutting a cantalope into pumpkin, bat, and cat shapes for handing out at the class party. It was the only remotely healthy treat, save a bag of carrots. So I handed out halloween cantalope and watched it get gobbled up by pleased children. Then we handed out cheese doodles, and watched parts of said children’s costumes turn orange. Then they finally called us out to the parade.

The children ran, marched, spun, twirled and danced around to show off their creative costume ideas. Then we headed in for trick or treating in other classrooms (a logistical nightmare) and then the party.

Wow!! So many cupcakes! Four for each kid! And candy, and chips… no one sent in sandwhiches or anything. Next year, I will make more than one piece of shaped cantaloupe per kiddo. There really was an amazing plethora of sugar.

After the party we went home, and Monkey ate something resembling healthy food. Tonight is Halloween, so we will once again don the wings of head beaning and wander the streets of Red Bank for candy treats. Is it a fair “trick” to sneak the chocolate out of your child’s candy bag when they are asleep?

3 thoughts on “Halloween”

  1. Depends…will she notice?

    We heard about the Decaying Tooth Fairy tonight. Turns out that she steals your Halloween candy and leaves a just-shy-of-birthday level present behind. You might want to give that a try.

    Caitlin pulled in the loot like mad this year. Now to get her to forget all about it like last year’s!

  2. That is brilliant. Marlena made out like a bandit too. I just toss a good portion of her goodies each day. She is still young enough that she doesn’t notice the difference.

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