Another soapbox moment…

It’s time for another foray into the sphere of politics….


Do not fly Delta Airlines or Freedom Airlines

A woman flying out of Vermont on Freedom Airlines (part of a Delta flight) was kicked off a plane for breastfeeding her 22 month old child, discreetly, in the window seat, with her husband and child in the two seats between her and the aisle. She was not exposing her breast. An airline attendant saw her breastfeeding, offered her a blanket, and when she refused, had a ticket attendant remove her and her family from the flight.
This occurred when Vermont has a law permitting breastfeeding in public. In fact, most, if not all states, have laws permitting women to breastfeed anywhere they have a right to be.

In a culture where we have built an empire around the female breast, why are we afraid of it’s natural functions? We can view naked women with their hands over their breasts, in the grocery stores checkout lines, but we can’t support feeding babies in public? We have female nudity in almost every film above PG-13, we can see it on primetime television, but we freak out if a baby is eating his or her lunch. Come on people!! Grow the hell up! An ungodly number of buildings and statutes are penile in nature, phallic symbols abound in this country. Entire livelihoods are earned by exposing the breast, photographing or filming it. Women are encouraged to wear as little clothing as possible, all the time. Sex is everywhere!! Why in the name of everything innocent and pure is it shocking to feed an infant?

Support breastfeeding. Write letters to Delta, tell them you will not give them your money if they continue to eject breastfeeding moms from their planes. She had a legal right to feed her baby on the plane, she was allowed by law to do so. The federal government supports breastfeeding, they have allocated millions to educate women and men as to the health benefits of doing so. However, in order to achieve these health benefits, women have to be able to feed their children! Babies do not only get hungry in the privacy of their own home.


Next political rant….

Plan B was recently approved by the FDA for over the counter sale to women over the age of 18. It took three years of political battle to get this to happen. Now, of course, many pharmaceutical chains are refusing to stock this contraceptive. Tell them that you will not support them, if they will not support women.

You can send a letter from the NARAL website . I suggest you alter the message to better reflect your beliefs. Here is my letter:

“The FDA has approved the emergency contraceptive Plan B, for over the counter sales to women over the age of 18. I am dismayed to hear there are few pharmacy with plans to stock this medication.

I am a lawyer, a blogger, a member of multiple organizations with thousands of members. These members are bloggers, and members of other organizations. We talk. We tell each other when pharmacies and companies support women, and when they don’t. Most importantly, we shop accordingly. You want our money? You have to consider our interests.

I will not spend a single dime at pharmacies that choose to deny Plan B and Birth Control to women. I will tell others not to spend their money at these pharmacies. We will take our money elsewhere.”

We have to support each other if we are going to affect change. Use your voices, use your computers, use you wallet. Tell people you will only support people who support you.

Oddly, Walmart is the only chain so far who will stock the drug. It is one of the first things they have done that I can support. Tell Wal-Mart you approve of this action, even if they have committed other actions you do not approve of. (I am still not likely to shop there, but they are trying to change, and I would like to see them continue.)

Thank you for allowing some political posturing. Back to babies announcements tonight. We find out what kind of baby we are having this afternoon. Other than a brilliant, healthy, wonderful one of course, we already know that.

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