Resolutions this year…

1. Feed my family better food.

This resolution got off to a great start last night with a lovely fruit salad consisting of pineapple, mandarin oranges, crisp granny smith apple slices, and dried cranberries, a side of fresh steamed broccoli, and a lovely black olive and garlc spaghetti.

2. Get more involved politically (If possible)

I feel I was very politically involved in the first part of the year, as law school makes it very easy to be political, but got less so as I entered the realm of mommyhood and work. I fear it is easier to forget to be involved than it is to keep up with the latest political news, so I really want to focus on fighting the good fight!! In an attempt to get this resolution off on the right foot, I offer the following:

This week the petition site is attempting to support innoculations for children in foreign countries. As always, children lack their own voice. They have no political power, they have no money. Without these things, they have no voice. If you have a few minutes today, please spend them adding your voice, your power, and if you can spare it, your money, to protecting children.

On a humorous note:

This lovely gem came from one of my favorite blogbites Pharyngula. It’s a couple posts back, but clearly explains that the religous right is fault free when it comes to global warming.

Unless you look at this from a philosophical point of view. If hell exists simply as a result of belief in the christian faith, is the increase in heat from the fires of hell actually caused by an increase in dogmatic belief? In other words, does increased church attendance equal global warming? (Shane, I hand this question to you, it seems a good one for a deep philosophical search.)

Back to resolutions…

Those two were really the only resolutions I made this year. Since I am once again taking a bar exam, working, and am getting ready for a new baby, I am pretty sure I will barely have time to accomplish these two things. Hopefully my family will see more fruits and veggies with their meals, and you will all see more politics with my posts.

What did all of you resolve to do?

One thought on “Resolutions…”

  1. I don’t normally do resolutions. To put all that pressure on yourself at the beginning of the year? Feh!

    Instead, throughout the year when I run into something I want to change I’ll work on it then instead of saving it all up for 1/1.

    Also, this way? I get to declare wins (or fail to announce losses) throughout the year! More fun for me! Hurrah!

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