sleep baby, sleep

Settling in…

to sleepless nights,
with magic moments staring
into eyes brand new,
and oh so blue.

to soft baby snuggles
and trumpeting sounds
indignant cries and
warm soft squeaking.

to cozy snuggles deep
in down on the couch
so desperate for sleep
humming the night away.

sleep baby sleep.

Settling in…

to new baby love
curling around me
building inside me
connection profound.

to sweet baby breath
and soft baby hair
warm on my shoulder
brushing my cheek.

to silent secrets
and deep understanding
passing between us in
early morning shadows.

Welcome to the world little one.

One thought on “sleep baby, sleep”

  1. Welcome to the world little Oliver!!!! Misty – wow, my hat is off to you (or my panties since well, I couldn’t have delivered a baby that size without major drugs) – You my dear are a goddess with a little prince.

    Love ya,

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