A new deal…

The “Gimmies” are a real problem with children of a certain age. They want everything they see, even if it will ultimately end of on their floor crushed to pieces under your shoe.

We have tried a bunch of different ways to avoid the “Gimmies”, from losing the ability to buy new gifts for a month, to only getting one “ask” per store visit, to yelling.

The problem is simple. Stores are filled with shelf after shelf of shiny attractive packages. It doesn’t actually matter what’s in them, it’s the possibility that gets children asking for hemmoriod cream or packages of sponges. (At least I hope so.)

So Marlena and I talked after a bout of the gimmies today, and we decided on a new deal. We nixed both sticks and carrots, because after discussing them at length she said something that made me think.

I suggested we try the approach where she only gets to ask for one thing each time we are at the store, she said it wouldn’t work. I asked her if it would help if she got to choose some of the groceries, like the cereal, milk, cheese, etc. She said if wouldn’t work. I asked her what she thought would work and she said nothing, because even when she tried not to ask, there were too many things she wanted, and she couldn’t help it.

So she can’t help it. She is trying, she just literally can’t stop herself from begging for everthing from Jergen’s lotion to cookies.

Our new deal? I will try not to get mad when she asks for stuff, and she will try not to get upset when I say no.

I think this just might work.

Ooh! Hatchet! I am actually geekier than you are! (Eric still beats me though, and how could he miss the Han question?)
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A day without screaming…

It’s true! She woke up this morning and was cheerful! She put on Legally Blonde and let us sleep until after 10 am. I haven’t done that is ages. She got her own breakfast of yogurt and cereal. Not a lot of food for a growing girl, but enough to tide her over until I woke up and got her a pile of fresh organic raspberries, watermelon, and bing cherries.

She was cheerful through Lee and I packing, through errand running, through leftovers (which she actually ate and requested I make every day) and through bathtime. She and I even splashed, played, and laughed while I washed her hair.
We sang the following to the tune of Macho Man during the hair rinsing:
Me: Monkey, monkey butt, my daughter has a monkey butt. Monkey, monkey butt, my Marlena has a monkey butt.
Marlena: Monkey, monkey butt, my mommy has a monkey butt. Monkey, monkey butt, my mommy has a monkey butt.
It may not be great lyrical styling, but boy does it make a 5 year old laugh. (Anything involving the word “butt” makes a 5 year old laugh, but the genius here is tying the word “butt” and the word “monkey” together. Irresistible.)

Of course, we haven’t done bedtime yet, but I have high hopes for this evening. I think she may even brush her teeth!

Random kiddo picture: (Note the goony expression on Oliver’s face. He obviously inherited my silly genes.)

Addendum: She went to bed without screaming!! It was a happy bedtime with story and song and tickles and snuggles and laughter!!