So many boxes, so little time…

We have too much stuff. Too many boxes littering the garage, the POD, and the house!! Argh! To make things worse, it is hot, hot, HOT. Oh, and did I mention Muggy? That’s right, we are getting closer to the time of year in NJ when the heat and humidity combine to punch you unpleasantly in the face when you leave your house. At least we have AC in the new place.

Unfortunately we are discovering that life on the east coast is a major pain in the a*&. We can’t get rid of the garbage generated from our last move. We are facing a crisis here, as the boro won’t accept the boxes unless they are packed as recyclables, they won’t accept more than three cans worth of thrash on pickup day, and the one hauler we got a hold of wants to charge us $475 to remove our stuff. I HATE IT HERE!!
Back home you can just lug it to the landfill, hand them a 20, and dump it. Not here, no… they have 4000 different municipalities, and ours doesn’t have their own landfill.

Mutter mutter. Shake it off.

On the Oliver front:

This young man needed a new wardrobe, as he has outgrown all the newborn, 3-6, and 6-9 month clothing so lovingly given us by our friends and family. Luckily I caught a bunch of summer clothes on clearance at Target, and managed to secure him some dappper baby attire at minimal cost. Still, 3 months old and heading into 12 month old clothes? My baby is a tall and strong young man, soon he will be moving furniture for us.

Marlena has loved playing with her brother, and had begun to ape me with her own baby doll. For her birthday she got a baby play gym and carrier for her dolly and has been caring for “Alina” while I care for Oliver. It’s pretty cute. She has also been reading bedtim stories to him. Oliver loves to hear her read, and watches her face the whole time with wide, excited eyes. Here she is snuggling her brother.

Well I am off to mom’s thing, and then back to the dreaded house to prepare some boxes for recycling. Sigh.

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  1. Three cans worth of “thrash”? I’m surprised that they’ll take ANY! Just opening a single can of Whoop Ass on a sanitation worker out here would get you thrown in jail, but they make ’em tough in Jersey.

    Or did you mean something else? Heeeee!

    Sorry kid, that’s the downside of living in a highly populated area. There is a whole whacking lot of trash generated and the different cities really do have to make deals on where they can dispose of it. That’s why NY and NJ were shipping so much of it out to sea. You don’t want to know what happened to it after that….

  2. I sure don’t miss those humid summer days on the east coast. You’re totally right about local government being way more bureaucratic on the east coast.

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