Hmmm…. the warm glow of the Rocky Mountains…

So far I have missed two exits to and from Boulder due to mountain ogling and prairie dogs.
On the way to Hatchet’s house the other day I missed my exit because I was busily showing Monkey the fat and happy prairie dog colony that had sprouted along the sides of the highway. Happily, missing the exit meant I got to drive towards the mountains and stare lovingly at them longer. How I miss their ever present profile against the sky!!
On the way home I missed the exit for the highway because I was too busy watching the sun light the clouds behind the mountains in golden gleaming rays.
I feel my muscles unclench a little more each time I get to look at that lovely backdrop. I seem to be able to breathe the thinner Colorado air, resplendent in it’s late summer crispness, more deeply, and to relax more while doing so. Hmmm…. yummy Colorado air!!
It’s funny, I took the mountains for granted while I lived here, generally using them as a compass point to orient myself with, but not imagining that other landscapes in other places would seem emptier, more naked, because there were no mountains spiking up into the sky.

3 thoughts on “Hmmm…. the warm glow of the Rocky Mountains…”

  1. I know what you mean… I love the ocean for many reasons but the mountains seem so magestic… centering. A place to go to get away from it all and a reference point when you are lost. I know I take them for granted often but when I return from being gone, I’m awestruck again!

  2. The Rocky Mountains are a beautiful sight. I was excitedly pointing them out to the kids as we flew into Denver in July.

    I think the hard part is finding something you love (or really like) every place you go to help you feel calm and centered. Or maybe just content enough until you go back home for good.

  3. hope you can soak up lots of the mountains during your stay. it’s funny how you take them for granted when you are here, but as soon as you are away, you miss them terribly (at least i do).

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