And now I can relax…

Lee and I are at the point in our marriage where we have little to say to each other on the phone, but we miss each other terribly when we are apart.
This makes travel very hard. We like have the other person on the end of line, but can’t think of much to say after we have shared our day’s activities and expressed our love. It makes the distance seem so much more profound than it would if we had a lot of gossip to share. We don’t though. We know all of each other’s stories of our pre-together times, or at least most of the stories, and the stories that have occurred since we got together feature both of us, so we certainly don’t have to talk about them.
Add to this mess the fact that both of us hate the phone, and you have a couple who spend a lot of time listening to each other breathe, simply to have the connection.

Happily, I no longer have to listen to him breathe on the phone to feel closer to him, as he is here!! Yup, I picked him up at DIA last night. The minute I set eyes on him I felt much of my travel stress fade away. I guess I am so used to having him around that I get antsy when we are apart.

We are here for another five days, and then it is back to the home in Jersey, and our regularly scheduled lives. I have been enjoying the visit home, but he and I agree we should avoid having weeks apart as much as possible. It is too hard.

2 thoughts on “And now I can relax…”

  1. Heavy breathing into the phone? Creepy!

    OK, so you two sound like Eric and I. When I was traveling around the world for The Man, we would miss one another terribly, but Eric would have nothing to say. I, of course, always have plenty to say. : )

  2. It IS hard! When I first married Shawn, he joined the Army and was away much of the first 6 months of our marriage… it was so rough. But “they say” absence makes the heart grow fonder…
    Either way, glad you two are reunited! Hope you enjoy the rest of your stay here!

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