I’d rather kiss a wookie…


Lee sent me this to brighten my day, and I love it. I hope you do to. If you want to see this comic at it’s original location, go here.

While watching Without a Trace, I saw an ad for an RLS medication that had one of the oddest side effect warnings I have ever heard. “If you experience increased gambling, sexual, or other intense urges, contact your physician.” Increased gambling? As a side effect? Eep. What kind of medication is it, to cause an intense desire to gamble? Is the reduction of RLS symptoms really worth potentially gambling your future away?

Today was hectic, we got all the school registration stuff done, ran to the doctor for her physical, and got the transfer papers together. However, she will not be able to attend the first day of school tomorrow, as they will not be able to process her in time. They will call us to let us know when she is able to start. (More “vacation” for me! I muttered through a teeth clenching smile.Yay!) Sadly, the person who gave Lee the registration paperwork two weeks ago told him we had to have the medical info taken in with it, while today we were informed we could have registered weeks ago, and taken the medical info in later. If the person who initially dealt with us had been correct in their advice giving, we would not be sitting here waiting to get her into school at the last minute. Argh.

Because we spent the day running around like mad fiends, we were all cranky and tired when we got home. In an attempt to revive myself, I made Beer Bread. My first recipe attempt had too much beer, and didn’t fully cook, but the second was successful, resulting in yummy yeasty bread for my Peach Pie Jam. The loaf may or may not be here to comfort and revive others when they arrive home from their hard and hectic days.(mmmmm…..beer you can eat. Licking crumbs off plate.)

3 thoughts on “I’d rather kiss a wookie…”

  1. Arrrrrgh! Bureaucracy for the loss.

    I have a friend who makes a habit of never accepting “I can’t” from a bureaucrat. My friend just says “yes you can” and then waves his fingers in the style of “these aren’t the droids you’re looking for.”

    I used to judge him. I thought he was inexperienced and disrespectful of the workers. Not anymore. Especially not after the Story Of The Registration Paperwork.

    There’s a judicial opinion that says a Federal administrative agency is never liable for the incorrect advice of its agents. Shifts the burden to know everything onto the hapless populace. And to use The Force when necessary to defeat injustice.

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