Slish slosh

So there I am, snuggled on the couch nursing the baby, sipping my coffee, watching a little ER, when Oliver sits up and starts to play his baby games.

He is smiling and looking around, playing coy with me and being generally cute. He begins to jump up and down a little, and that is when I hear it.

slish slosh

What is that noise? I look at my son, who smiles at me and begins jumping around in my arms again.

slish slosh

Oh my, is that your tummy?

I place my head closer to his bouncing body, aiming my ear at his tum tum.

slish slosh

Is that milk sloshing around in there?
He smiles at me, bounces again.

slish slosh

It is your tummy! I can hear the milk sloshing around in your little balloon belly! I was so surprised I had to laugh, which of course made him laugh.

Slish slosh, giggle giggle

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