Of pumpkins and princesses…

It was a lovely Halloween. We took a long walk around the neighborhood, Marlena got tons of candy, and Oliver fell asleep in the stroller. The people around us are really friendly, so we got to talk to our neighbors while we wandered around. the streets in our area are really long, so we had a ton of houses to cover in a three block trip.

One of the little girls wandering around was Queen Padme Amidala, and Marlena was Princess Leia, so people kept saying “Follow your Daughter” or “Follow your Mother” whenever the two of them were at the same house. Marlena kept running into school friends too, which made her very happy and added a small town feel to the evening.

Andy escaped from the garage while Lee was putting the dogs out of the way of the trick or treaters, but she caught up with us after half an hour or so, unharmed as usual. Therefore, as ‘pumishment’ for running off, she ended up joining us on a long walk while we went from house to house. Pain in the A$% dog.

We didn’t get many pictures of the event, but we got a few.

Here is the world’s cutest chubby jack-o-lantern:

A family of goons pose for posterity’s sake:

Sibling silliness:

Marlena braves a spooky house to plump her goody bag:

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