In my dreams…

There I am, on a warm sandy beach, (miraculously sporting my pre-baby body in a fantabulous string bikini) watching the sunset and drinking Mai-Tai’s with a barely clad Brad Pitt.
We listen to the surf gently kissing the shore.
A lone seagull cries in the distance.
The reddish sky casts a glow over our skin as he slowly leans over and takes the Mai Tai from my hand, setting it down on the sand.
He reaches out and gently caresses the side of my face.
His fingers run softly over my cheek, my lips, and then suddenly jam themselves up my nose.

“Snork!??” says groggy ol’ me, as I jolt fully awake to find Otter playfully shoving his little pudgy baby hands up my nose.

Ah co-sleeping; the snuggles, the bonding, the really interesting dreams.

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