When did Steven Colbert get so sexy? (and Haiku Friday)

Is it just me, or did Colbert go from goofy faux correspondent, to slightly less goofy faux O’Reilly, to a fox!

This is him on the Daily Show:

He was doofy, he was goofy. He did not wear a power tie, he did not have a Kennedy Bouffant. He was the weird counterpart to sarcastically sexy Stuart.

This was him when his own show was announced:

Look at that! POW! He pops, he raises an inquisitive brow! He has “it”. (Oh, and he is wearing a power tie. What is it with the power tie? Why does it make me think bad things?)

Now, it could be his amazing sense of humor, and the speech he gave at the White House Press Correspondents Dinner, which was a powerful moment in my political history and made me love him. However, even without these things, I think he has managed to increase his sex appeal.

In the end, it doesn’t matter, he had me at “Folks, the President needs a break. He’s like a Black and Decker cordless Dirt Devil vacuum. If you don’t recharge his batteries, he can’t suck.”

It is also Haiku Friday! Here is my first attempt:

Winter brings a change
Hillary gains momentum

10 thoughts on “When did Steven Colbert get so sexy? (and Haiku Friday)”

  1. Now you’re scammin’ on my back up boyfriend! Girl! Whutchu doin’?!

    He gets cuter the longer you watch his show because his own personality bursts out from time to time. And he’s a geek. He has a level 70 char on WOW somewhere. What’s not to love?

    Yeah, I’d date him.

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