The leader of the Evil Empire is baby safe…

Monkey had a Darth Vader theme for her third birthday. She loved Darth Vader, and wanted to celebrate her birth with the leader of the Empire. So we got her Darth Vader goodies, and Death Star pez dispensers, and R2D2 rings, and invited children to defeat the rebels in style.

Why do I bring this up now? One of her presents from that long ago birthday was a stuffed Vader (courtesy of Uncle Devon.) Stuffy Darth has slept on her bed for three years, and she has conquered many a nightmare by pressing his chest and hearing him say “You don’t know the power of the dark side”.

Darth now hangs with her brother. We discovered that Otter likes him the other day. We also discovered that Darth, much to his evil chagrin I am sure, is baby safe. He has no small parts that can be chewed off. He is soft and cuddly. His mechanical breathing soothes the baby.

So there it is. Darth Vader is baby safe. It really makes the character a lot less intimidating doesn’t it?

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