Of teeth and snowmen…

Poor Otter has his eighth tooth coming in today. It’s poking through the gum and causing all sorts of misery.

He is having a horrible time of it. He will cry inconsolably, and when I try to engage him in other activities he will crawl away to the new toy, only to burst into to tears again as soon as he grabs it.

He keeps turning his little sad tear filled face up to me, finger in mouth, drool pouring out onto the floor.

Every time I pick him up, he will lay his head upon my chest and cry, until he gets mad and pushes away.

It’s been a hard morning.

Monkey did the cutest thing she has done in a while yesterday. She and Luke made a snowman over the weekend. The cold snowy weather didn’t last beyond that day, and so her snowman began to melt, as snowmen are wont to do.

Yesterday Monkey went outside to break open some geodes she had found. I was working on the computer and not paying too much attention, but I kept hearing the door open and close. Then I heard this:

Lee: Monkey, what are you doing with that bowl of ice?
Monkey: Nothing!
Devon: Are you trying to keep your snowman alive?

At this point Monkey burst into tears. It turns out her snowman was melting, and she was bringing ice out to spread over him and keep him cold so he would stop. I gathered her up into my arms and talked to her about the transitory nature of snowmen, but she was inconsolable. She cried for over an hour, lamenting the loss of her new winterly friend.

As my mother said later, one must never give one’s heart to a snowman.

8 thoughts on “Of teeth and snowmen…”

  1. Maria, thanks! The tooth is through the gum and seems to be a little less painful. The snowman finally melted all the way today, there was some solemn goodbyeing, but no more tears.

    Mandy, life does have hard lessons to learn, and I hate that I can’t protect her from them!!

    Mom tu-tu, thanks for visiting! Is it me, or are girls more in touch with their emotions?

    Susiej – thanks for the commiseration, she was crushed.

    Hatchet love, when the howling starts, I am sending you earplugs!@

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