Weekly Winners

Melting Snowman Sorrows: A Series

Melting Snowman, Vainly covered in ice

Ice cubes failing

Melting Snowman Sorrows

Other images for the week:

Otter plays chase in his walker

A rose is a rose

Vanilla Extract in the making

A basket of possibility

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30 thoughts on “Weekly Winners”

  1. Now I am hoping for another snowstorm so I can put a cucumber nose on our snowman. We all bum out when they start to fade on our lawn. We were lame and didn’t even make one this season.

  2. I love the cucumber idea too! I thought it was a pickle until I saw clickmom’s comment. Perhaps my pregnant brain has pickles on it?

    The rose picture is beautiful!

  3. Hmmm…boy, tough to pick a favorite! I really like how well you use natural lighting in your snaps. 🙂

    I guess my favorite is the walker picture. That was such a fun stage for me with Deeder–he adored chasing people!

  4. Great photos! I really love the vanilla extract one and the gorgeous colors in it.

    I’m with everybody else, the cucumber nose is great (although I think he looks like he’s smoking a cigar in the first photo!)

  5. Thanks everyone!!

    The vanilla extract experiment was begun by my roommate, who combines his foodie traits and his crafty traits quite well.

    You take 16 vanilla beans, split them, shave the vanilla caviar out, and drop them into a bottle. Cover with Vodka and shake daily for about six weeks. Then strain.

    Also, never buy your vanilla beans at the store. They are about 15 dollars online for a pound of them, and they run 5-7 dollars a piece in the store.

    Loves Teh Internets.

    As for how I did my header, I created it in a Mac Program, Pages, and then exported it to PDF, saved it as JPG, and then cropped it and sized it in Photoshop elements.

    It was fun!

    Thanks for coming by!!

  6. Looks like lots of fun with the snowman, and I’m impress with the whole vanilla thing – who knew you could make your very own? Glad you explained, too, about getting beans online because I saw a single vanilla bean for $20 at the grocery store. Love the rose, too. All great shots!

  7. You MAKE vanilla extract? I’m thinking Christmas Gifts idea here!

    The snowman made me laugh so hard. I love the cucumber for a nose…it’s huge! 🙂

    Great pics…thanks for sharing!

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