Sleepless in New Jersey

I know, far less romantic than Seattle, and not a Tom Hanks in sight.

We are battling some weird cold thing here. The baby has a little smoker’s cough (I swear, it sounds just like a smoker’s cough!), and I am sore throated and bleary eyed. Thankfully, the husband performed miracles for me last night, in the form of sweeping, mopping, de-cluttering, and taking out the trash.
I told him it meant more to me than him waiting on me hand and foot with tea and kleenex.
I have a Moms Club event at my house this morning, and had to have the house clean. I just couldn’t find the umph needed to take it beyond picked up. Thankfully, he did. Bless you dear!!

I am a really lucky woman, and I recognize that I don’t always recognize that. My husband rocks. He is always willing to help out at home, he is a great provider, he is fantastic with the children, and he can cook. I don’t have to nag him to get assistance with laundry, dishes, or other housework. He is also funny, and silly, and willing to let me be silly and strange (which is a real bonus as I am fairly silly and strange).

He is the best partner I could ask for.

Thank you honey for being so amazing! I am glad I found you!!

Mmmm… he also made me coffee.

6 thoughts on “Sleepless in New Jersey”

  1. I am dealing with the same thing with Chloe and her little cough, she woke up at 3:00 am and was up until 5:00am. John got up with her when she woke up this morning and gave me that extra hour of sleep…husbands do rock!

  2. It must be the week for good husbands. Dan has been me for the last two mornings. Getting up with the kids and taking them to school. Ah, sleeping in rocks.

    Um, I had that little cough for a while and then in the last few days here it’s turned into a cold; More to cough up and a stuffy nose. I hope your little ones don’t have what I have and I truly hope I didn’t give it to them. 🙂

  3. I am sure you didn’t give it to him Ellen, he has been hacking away since he got over the flu.

    Maybe he gave it to you! I am sorry if he did!!

  4. He sounds like a gem. Here’s hoping your little one (and you!) will feel better soon. I recommend tea with lemon and a humidifier. and hugs — lots of hugs.

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