Something a little stronger?

I don’t think coffee is going to get me through the day. I need something a little stronger, like tequila, with a lime, and large grain kosher salt, or maybe Speed.

Otter was awake playing “crawl thru diner” most of the morning. (By morning I mean the hours after midnight.) Now, of course, he is wired for sound, taking things apart, running through the house, sucking on butcher knives and sticking his fingers into light sockets.

Me? I am barely conscious as I drink my first cup of coffee in what promises to be a very, very long day.

Why can’t he be, oh I don’t know, TIRED on the days when neither of us get any sleep? It’s not as though I was out all night clubbing while he slept away in dream land. No, I was in bed, cursing the day I decided to pop a tit in his hungry hungry hippo mouth! I was desperately trying to sleep while he twisted my skin between his fingers, kicked me in the stomach, groin, and thighs, and nursed all night long.

Is he tired? No! Otter wants to pull all the magnets off my office filing cabinet, so he can suck the magnetized metal bits out of the large plastic covers and choke on them before he determinedly eats the papers they were pinning to the cabinet. He wants to dig through my drawers and spread printer paper all over the floor! He wants to open the front door and wander out into the street!

Otter wants to climb the stairs, up and down, up and down, holding tightly to my fingers with his chubby baby hands. On a quasi rested well adjusted day I would console myself with thoughts like “at least I am getting my exercise today” or “Who needs a stair stepper when you have a one year old?”, but today the only thought in my mind seems to be “are you frackin’ kidding me?! I want to lie down and watch ER reruns until I drool!”

But no, he is not tired today. His new motto is “sleep is for the weak”. He is an unstoppable force of pint sized determination.

I, however, am the thick dull sludge left in the bottom of the coffee pot when the burner has been on all night.

He fell asleep not too long ago, snuggled warm with me on the couch. I tried to sleep, lay there for an hour listening to the traffic, the birds, the neighbor’s loud oompa loompa polka music. No sleep. None. Finally got up before going stark raving mad.

4 thoughts on “Something a little stronger?”

  1. Poor Mommy! I know those nights and days well. Izabel was like that when she was younger. It’s like when it got dark, she was as active and hyper and didn’t want to sleep. Hope this week is better!

  2. Honey – I know days like this are tough.

    Take a deep breath and realize you are strong enough to make it.

    We all love you and you are my hero.

    Yield and overcome;
    Bend and be straight;
    Empty and be full;
    Wear out and be new;
    Have little and gain;
    Have much and be confused.

    Therefore the wise embrace the one
    And set an example to all.
    Not putting on a display,
    They shine forth.
    Not justifying themselves,
    They are distinguished.
    Not boasting,
    They receive recognition.
    Not bragging,
    They never falter.
    They do not quarrel,
    So no one quarrels with them.
    Therefore the ancients say, “Yield and overcome.”
    Is that an empty saying?
    Be really whole,
    And all things will come to you.

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