And then they were wed…

Scott and Sierra’s wedding was a lovely occasion that managed to capture their no nonsense personalities as well as the beauty of their romance. The event was held Friday morning at Chautauqua in Boulder. The bride and groom arrived looking gorgeous, and proceeded to share their happiness with their attendants, friends, and family.

The groom prepares to take his vows
The bride and groom hung out with the crowd before the event began, taking care of last minute issues and beaming happiness on all in attendance.
The Bride prepares to take her vows
Three lovely ladies make their final preparations for the task at hand.

The flower girls were patient as they waited to toss petals onto the grass.

Flower girls prepare for their entrance

The day was hot, but the couple more than made up for the heat by keeping their ceremony brief yet lovely, and by following it up with a bacon reception.

Yes… piles and piles of bacon were heaped upon the guests as they trooped indoors to the air conditioned reception area. Okay, it wasn’t heaped upon us, but there was a vat of crispy bacon on the reception table, along with fruit, biscuits and organic jam, and breakfast burritos. It was a fantastic breakfast feast!

After the bacon there were 8 organic cakes from Whole Foods to choose from, and champagne to sip in honor of the lovely couple. (No toasts beyond two words were allowed, so Lee, Devon, and I stood and said “To the… Bride and… Groom” and then drank away!)

I lugged out the camera and got some good shots of guests at the reception, of the cakes (okay, I had to photograph the cakes) and of Otter as he ran around the tables and peeked out from behind the chairs. I managed to miss the cake cutting, the (non)toast, and the ceremony (I was in it though, so forgive me that one). I did get some before and after shots!!

Eight cakes a-laying

There were shots of each cake, but really, all I will do is make you hungry so I will limit myself to the prettiest cake close up:

My favorite cake

Mmmm…. cake. Otter hid from me and played camera tag for a while:

I know I'm cute

Here he is hiding behind a chair:

Peek a Boo!!

It was a fantastic wedding, followed up by an evening at the Rio drinking tequila and talking about love. Congratulations Scott and Sierra! Thank you for letting us be a part of your magical day!!

Okay, okay, just one more cake.

7 thoughts on “And then they were wed…”

  1. I can think of nothing more tasty than a cake from Whole Foods. Ellen actually introduced me to one the last time she was in town ~ so I suppose I can blame all the resulting unwanted pounds on her?? 😉
    The flower girl dresses are really pretty!! And Otter is as cute as ever!

  2. Oh wow! I haven’t seen Scott since all of you moved out to New Jersey, and had no idea he was dating. Or maybe someone told me a while back and I forgot. Either way, congratulations to Scott and Sierra!!!

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    Scylla says:

    Lol!! I understand the over editing. I do it all the time.

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