When I grow up…

Hello again, sorry about the break, my life has been very full these past few weeks, and I simply found myself unable to blog.

But here I am again.

Well, I have been relaxing with family and playing while I wait for the practice to pick up. I am going to start accepting cases in Domestic Relations in mid-January, and may even make it known that I will handle small Trusts and Estates issues. I did a codicil this past quarter and found it truly enjoyable, I am one of the those freaky people who actually loved property law and flourished in T&E.

I expect to be fairly busy when I sign on with the Office of the Child’s Representative, so I have to take my lazy time now. It has been an ambivilant time for me, as I long to start a successful career and at the same time am loathe to leave my little meepers without me. Otter especially, as he is used to having Mama all to himself and isn’t keen on sharing me with anyone, much less a pile of other children, regardless of their need or circumstances.

I never thought I would be the domestic goddess type, but I have truly loved being home with my kids. I actually took the time to learn to cook, for real, and now I enjoy putting together dishes that take longer to cook than they do to eat. I love to bake, and there is a nice calm that comes from cleaning. (Unlike most work it has a definable end to it, even if it will need to be done all over again the following day). At the end of two years of working from home and focusing more on the home, I find myself reluctant to change the status quo.

Sadly simple economics forces the change, so I can only grumble and feel gratefull that I got the two years I did. I know many people who are working three jobs a piece to keep their lives together in this economy, it hardly seems fair to grumble about having to work one.

It’s funny to me how desire change with our age. When I was younger I wanted to be a star in my career, rule my little corner of the world like royalty. After having one child I wanted a career that let me see more of her, and didn’t demand all my time. After two children, I barely want a career at all. I would be content staying home, keeping the family together, and dabbling in public interest law and volunteering. It’s easy to forget how frequently we evolve.

Who knows, maybe once I begin working more, I will desire even more time in the law, instead of feeling as though it’s intruding into my time in motherhood.

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