Freezing in the first degree…

Holy Shit is it cold here in Colorado. The kind of cold that freezes the snot inside your nose when you inhale and turns slightly damp hair into an ice sculpture. Gak!!
This afternoon I had a court hearing for a dear client of mine and we met, shaking, pale, and freezing, downtown about 40 minutes before the hearing. (It’s good to have a client who is as OCD about timeliness and courts as you are.) It was too cold for any of my suits, as I would rather have walked into court in yoga pants than brave this weather in a skirt suit and pantyhose. Happily I am a girl, and the only truly apparent upside to that in my profession is being able to wear slacks without a suitcoat and tie. (The poor attorney at the courthouse with us, awaiting his hearing, was in a three piece suit with sweater vest and freezing as well.) Still, I should have worn pantyhose or tights under the slacks because it was really, really cold. I made the mistake of showering less than and hour before leaving the house, so my ponytail was one solid ice carving by the time I arrived at the courthouse.

However, freezing or not the hearing went well and we parted ways happily, scurrying back to increasingly ineffective car heaters and racing home to finish the day.

As I am still waiting for the next interview step in the DA chain I have begun working on some of the Trusts and Estates work I accepted whilst I wait. This included creating a very useful but amazingly obnoxious 22 page intake form for my clients to fill out. Now, having just hired me, they recieve a huge document requesting more information than they even knew existed so I can best represent their interests when drafting their Wills. They will probably hate me until they see how much it cuts down on the bill. (Without this form they would be billed for sitting in front of me while I ask them these questions in person.)

Still haven’t heard from the D.A.’s office. Maybe “Do you want to interview now or later?” was lawyer speak for “Don’t call us, we’ll call you.”

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