Business as usual…

Okay, after determining yesterday that I had nothing to say here, I find myself needing to write today. Maybe, where blogging once relieved the isolation of being thousands of miles away from home, it can now relieve the isolation of working under the stairwell in my house, with only Otter and the dogs to talk to.

I am trying to order business cards. I have a nice logo:

Fancy law office logo
Fancy law office logo

and I want to use it on the back of the cards. However, I also want the cards to be environmentally friendly, and therefore printed on 100% post consumer recycled paper. Oh yeah, and they can’t cost a bloody fortune either. Which is why my morning has been sucked up by the design center at about 7 different eco-printers while I try to find a template of theirs that will place my logo on the center of the back and my info on the front.
So far I am bust. It would appear having one’s logo on the back of the card is …. not in. If I want the recycled logo on the back of my cards they will gladly oblige, but my own brand on my business cards! Pshaw!!

I guess it’s back to They are pricey, but they do full color cards on recycled paper and they let you design anything you want. They are just about double the cost of any of the other sites.

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