My boss is on vacation…

I can’t seem to get motivated to work this week.

The problem with being one’s own boss is having to oversee your own work. When I am not in the mood to accomplish much, it’s very hard to crack the whip at myself and get myself into gear. It’s much easier to pretend I have a million other non-work things to do that are more important.

Dishes, laundry, taking the kids to the park, reorganizing their room, grocery shopping, facebook, blog reading, etc. They can all fit the bill when I am looking for a reason to step away from my desk.

This week has been full of reasons and the days I have cracked the whip have been full of conference calls between fractious opposing parties. It seems I have only gotten a few hours of actual research and writing done in a week when my goal was to finish.

Maybe if I give myself a promotion I will be motivated again…

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