Lions and Tigers and Tesla…Oh My!

As promised, some updated photos of a few of the Denizens of Great Cats World Park:

Tesla does his majestic best to help alleviate my home sickness. (Shhh…. Do NOT tell Hazel!!)

Beowulf looks a bigger, even in his generous outdoor enclosure. (At least I think it’s Beowulf, it could be Banshee. Though thing about twins.)

Did you know Lynx purr? I didn’t know until this little one caught me playing with the tigers and came over to get some attention.

Stoli ( I think that is his name) tried to convince me to put my hand in and pet him, but I am not a sucker.

The last photo set of the day is of Dandelion, the cutest little doe-eyed lioness this side of Mississippi. She was hanging out in her feeding station when I took these.

Dandelion waits for dinner in her feeding station before going back to her spacious enclosure.

Last but not least, Trav and I post for a selfie after our car ride to Portland.

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