Stiff upper lip meet pouty lower lip…

It’s been getting harder to keep a stiff upper lip lately. The more I hurt the more I feel the panic monster claw at my resolve. I was getting so much better and now I am returning to the me who couldn’t do anything.

I want so much to wake up one morning and not feel my head pound. I want to smile without my face hurting and spend a day without some odd slicing sensation marching across my cheek. It’s been over ten months since this headache started. Ten months has made it into as much of me as my fingers or toes. It’s become a part of household, a thing we all try to work around.

I am still doing things to seek improvement. I run, I swim, I visit doctors, but my hope is circling the drain along with my energy levels.

A long life seems impossibly tiring when viewed through this lens. My very simple daily routine is so exhausting when I hurt like this it seems my body will just stop being able to generate enough energy at some point, like a rechargeable battery, ever losing just a bit of my capacity for power.

Basically, it sucks.

There. Pouty lip has had it’s say. Now it’s back to being strong.

2 thoughts on “Stiff upper lip meet pouty lower lip…”

  1. Oh Misty, I am so sorry the pain has returned with renewed intensity. I will continue prayers for you. I love you, and never apologize for crying out to be heard. That is your right, and it gives those of us who love you a chance to show support.

  2. *HUGS* I am starting to understand for myself these fears and dreads. I know my trials are not nearly as difficult as yours are, and I continue to admire your persistence. I am so thankful that you take the time to share these thoughts with us. I wish I had the perfect advice for you. One thing I CAN say with absolute certainty: Heavenly Father loves you and understands your pain. I love you, too.

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