Mercurial Machinations…

In an attempt to keep my spirits up the past few weeks I have been creating some jewelry! So far this week I have been working with cabochons, filagree, images and vials to create interesting victorian style pendants. The cabochons are fun to play with and enable me to create a wide variety of different looks with similar materials. Below are three pendants I recently put up. The Lady of Shalott pendant has a filagree backing on it that wraps around to the front, giving the whole thing a more victorian look.

The Lady of Shalott Waterhouse Pendant

The next one has a set of gears underneath the glass and a dark blue artisan paper behind those for added depth. Silvery glass beading adorns the frame of the pendant for some added intricacy.

Steampunk Geared Up Pendant

This last one I made with the same blue paper backing as the one above but overlaid with micah and lace and topped with a small coordinating bead.

Blue Victorian Lace Mourning Pendant

I have been having a lot of fun making these items while I rest. The one I am currently working on (not listed yet) is one of my favorites. It’s an Alice in Wonderland themed pendant.

One thought on “Mercurial Machinations…”

  1. Again, you prove that you are AMAZING! I haven’t looked at my beading supplies in almost a year. I have little patience with the cats’ interest in them (and I’ve had FOUR of the critters for a couple of years,. now), and I get tremors from time to time. Your work is BEAUTIFUL! *hugs* What a wonderful use of your time: doing something many others admire and wish they had the time for. *smile*

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