Holiday Workload blues

I was super smart this year. I managed my spoons brilliantly but I still landed on my ass energy wise. Is there a way to celebrate the holidays in the traditions of my youth without needing a week to recover?

I made Thanksgiving dinner for 7 this year. In order to reduce stress about presentation I only invited family (our two neighbors whom we call family and who see my home in disarray all time were included as well).

My kids and husband helped me clean the dining room and get ready for the day a couple days before. I cleaned the bathroom two days before. I baked the pies two days before. I made the cranberry sauce the day before. I also showered the day before because that can set off my headache and I wanted to be able to relax a little.

Day of I slept in. When I woke up my son helped me chop all the veggies and prep all the ingredients for food. We used store bought rolls and pre-packaged GF stuffing mix. I put the peeled and chopped potatoes in the pressure cooker for the mashed potatoes so they would cook quickly and stay warm. I put the turkey – that my husband had lovingly prepped for me – into the oven. I pre-mixed the stuffing and set it aside to bake in the last hour. I put the chopped carrots in the honey glaze and set it to cook on low.

Then I sat around and waited for the final hour to happen. The kids set the table. I just checked on food and talked with family.

When the last hour arrived I tossed the stuffing in the oven, mashed the potatoes with a wand mixer, and turned the carrots up a bit.

We ate, my guests did dishes, I put away food. I went to bed at a reasonable hour.

Yesterday I felt like I had been run over by a truck. Today I feel like I fell down a flight of stairs. Everything is inflamed and stiff and I hurt all over. I am exhausted.

I can blame the migraine on the weather but damnit. I should be in better condition. I was careful. I managed well.

Is it possible to achieve holiday bliss and not suffer or should I set the expectation of take out for Christmas?

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  1. Way to go! *gentle HUGS* I think a lot of people have at least mild blues after T-Day (it’s always stressful!), though of course your symptoms are far from mild. <3 I'm sorry that Friday was so difficult and disappointing.

    I'm really impressed with your plan and all that you did! Seriously, you accomplished a lot! Especially the mashed potatoes in the pressure cooker; that's clever.

    I hope you are feeling better today.

    Thoughts for your Christmas: What about making it a pot luck, or asking someone else to host?
    Or you could have a catered meal shipped (comes on Wednesday in special cold storage packaging, just put the hot stuff in the microwave on Thursday to heat up), delivered (like pizza: same day), or picked up (that day, or in advance) too.
    There are even restaurants that serve a more traditional meal that day.
    If that seems costly, take up a collection in advance from those who plan to attend.

    My family has done (planned) potluck Thanksgiving for several years. Every family group contributes: no one has to do very much (you could simply provide the table & dishes, if you wanted; just hosting takes a lot of energy! ), and you all can discover new tastes and savor traditional ones.
    We've even done Thanksgiving on paper plates, if I remember right; you can use the "good china," just keep a paper plate between it and the food. 😉
    Last year, we had the food shipped & microwaved the hot stuff: excellent! We went with a company that can do gluten & dairy free.
    A long time ago, my Great-Grandmother pre-ordered catering from a local grocery store & family picked it up either Wednesday or Thursday.
    One year, we went to a fancy restaurant with Pete's family.
    All of them tasted great! 😉

    1. Savvy Spoonie – 1432 Blake Street, Denver CO 80218 – I am an artist, writer, jeweler, and a Spoonie. Before becoming a Spoonie I was a very busy high achieving attorney and advocate bent on saving the world. Now I'm struggle to redefine my life to fit within my reduced energy level. Some days are better than others. I have fibromyalgia, trigeminal neuralgia, and chronic daily migraine.
      Misty Katherine Morehead says:

      That all sounds pretty cool!

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