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Welcome to my gallery. Please take your time perusing. Here I sell prints and cards directly from this site. For original artworks please visit

Watercolor Butterfly Prints – These prints are printed on metallic paper, which results in deep shimmering colors and a truly attractive piece of art.

Malachite Butterfly Metallic Print

Greens, blues, and yellows pop out from deep black in this gorgeous reprint of the original watercolor painting inspired by the malachite butterfly.


Scarlet Peacock 8×10 Metallic Print

Inspired by the brilliant colors of the Scarlet Peacock Butterfly and reprinted on metallic paper this print really brightens up a room.


8×10 Metallic Print Blue Cracker

This painting is inspired by the wings of the Australian Blue Cracker butterfly. The mix of blues and whites, with touches of silver, glimmer and shine in this metallic paper reprint.


8×10 Purple Emperor Metallic Print

Deep purples and golden yellows combine and shine in this metallic print.


Monarch Butterfly 8×10 Metallic Print

Reds, oranges, whites and blacks combine in this exciting metallic print inspired by the Monarch Butterfly.



Original poetry printed on original photography.

I can let go.

Original poem by Misty Morehead printed on 8x10 metallic paper over original photography featuring a stormy Oregon coast.


The World Outside

A poem inspired by the Covid-19 Coronavirus and resulting insanity with accompanying art printed size 8x10.


From Dusk ‘Til Dawn Art Print

A poem about living with chronic illness From Dusk 'Til Dawn explores the loneliness of watching the world go by. The poem is paired with an original watercolor piece titled Far From Home, which depicts one boys journey into adulthood. This print is printed on metallic paper.


Managing life with chronic illness requires savvy spoons

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