Adopt a Poem


Original poetry combined with art and photography printed on high quality metallic paper and signed by the poet.

I can let go.

Original poem by Misty Morehead printed on 8×10 metallic paper over original photography featuring a stormy Oregon coast.


The World Outside

A poem inspired by the Covid-19 Coronavirus and resulting insanity with accompanying art printed size 8×10.


From Dusk ‘Til Dawn Art Print

A poem about living with chronic illness From Dusk ‘Til Dawn explores the loneliness of watching the world go by. The poem is paired with an original watercolor piece titled Far From Home, which depicts one boys journey into adulthood. This print is printed on metallic paper.



Grief is Love with Nowhere to go

A poem about losing a loved one, and finding that nothing can fill the vacancy they leave behind.



An Insomniac’s Haiku

A poem about not sleeping on an original watercolor embracing how not sleeping feels.


Managing life with chronic illness requires savvy spoons