Southern Plains Land Trust

I am a proud member of the Board for the Southern Plains Land Trust. The Southern Plains Land Trust (SPLT) works to preserve the declining shortgrass prairie ecosystems of the Great Plains. We buy land and restore it, managing for native flora, fauna, and natural ecosystems.  We advocate for wildlife across borders, too, by supporting public lands policy reform.  Currently, there are approximately 18,000 acres of protected land within SPLT’s Prairie Reserve Network.

If you are interested in protecting the short grass prairie, and the wildlife that depends on it, please consider donating or volunteering today.

Colorado is such an amazing State and it’s short grass prairie is often over looked when thinking about the State’s natural wonders.  Our remote camera project has uncovered a vast array of fauna living on the prairie, including bobcat, coyote, raccoon, prairie dogs, and pronghorn.  Our preserves provide recovery for the stunning flora and fauna that usually suffers from over grazing and poisonings.  We would love the chance to talk to you more about our mission and the wildlife we seek to protect.

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