Success, a near miss, and Walmart

So we very nearly missed our flight. We got up at four am, showered, fed the children, loaded the car, and took off for the airport. It was lightly raining when we left, but by the time we were on the way, it was torrential downpour time. So much so that New York and the airport were both flooded by the time Lee dropped us off.
We took a route we had never taken but that turned out to be faster, luckily, because the rain slowed us and the traffic down a bit. Then of course the check your bags line was four hundred miles long. By the time we got through it I had to beg someone at security to let us cut the line so we could make the plane. Which we did, barely, as it was boarding. Whew.
Of course, we couldn’t stop to buy water, so we were very thirsty, especially as we had been running through the airport. Me carrying the baby in his sling and the backpack full of laptop, snacks, and various travel necessities and Monkey carrying her backpack with snacks, baby toys, and the all important stuffies and favorite books.
Luckily the stewardess was very kind, and gave us cup after cup without giving us the stink eye.
As for the flight itself, it was a breeze. Monkey watched a movie on my iPod and Otter alternatively napped, nursed, and flirted with the kind lady who was seated in our row. He didn’t scream, he barely fussed, and I actually got a very short nap during the flight.
Bless the PTB’s for my travel-capable children, the wonderful woman seated next to me, the kind woman in front of me who spent the whole flight with her seat in the upright position to give me more room, and the kind flight attendants who endlessly supplied us with drinks and helped Monkey to the bathroom.
I am here now, in my childhood home, having already availed myself of my mother’s help, taken a bath in her lovely claw-footed tub, and gotten tipsy on my wine-club wine.
Tomorrow, Mexican food, and hopefully tea with Hatchet.

Here is a lovely picture sent to me by Ellen:

6 thoughts on “Success, a near miss, and Walmart”

  1. i just posted that walmart pic on my blog today too. LOL

    welcome to CO (i’m outside of denver myself). 🙂 hope you enjoy your visit.

  2. Ah, that’s where I got the picture from. I guess I am a lurker on your blog… I do enjoy it though, being a bit of a crunchy mama myself.

  3. Whew! I’m exhausted just hearing about your airport ordeal! Glad you made it safe and sound and hope you have a lovely visit!

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