My Team

This is the small team of people, animals, and professionals that help me get through life as a Spoonie with chronic health issues. These people are my lifeline.

Personal Team

Cap’N Dan


As partner and primary caregiver much of the burden and care falls on the broad and capable shoulders of this darling man here.

Interests: Making me laugh.
Dislikes: Seeing me in pain.

Penelope (Penny)

Lead Hot Water Bottle

Primarily responsible for insuring proper placement of heating pad accoutrements.

Interests: Warm snuggles
Dislikes: Cold


Personal Trainer

Exercise is an important tool in combating Fibromyalgia but pain makes you tired. This guy doesn’t care how tired you are. You will get up, you will move around, and you will like it.

Interests: Catching the ball.
Dislikes: Being left behind.

Mama Bear

Partner in Ship Management

My mom is such a help. She helps me get the kiddos where they need to go, she helps me get me where I need to go. We help each other manage the house. Together we’re very nearly one healthy person!!

Interests: Writing, politics
Dislikes: Cooking Dinner!!

Papa Platypus

Manager of Morale

Like a rock. Always there, ready to listen, check in, and just sit with me in solidarity. Dad has battled with lifelong illness as well so he really gets it. I couldn’t do this without him.

Interests: Chess, politics
Dislikes: Suffering Fools

The Spawnlings

Cheerleaders and Leg Crew

These two are amazing to me. Not only are they great at adapting to my bad days but they are willing to run up and down the flights of the stairs to help when I need it.

Interests: Minecraft, games
Dislikes: Chores!

The Professionals

Abby is an amazing self care guru. She works with Massage, shiatsu, reiki and cupping to help with my Fibro in the best way possible.
I highly recommend her.

Dr. Mikula Stambuk is one of the best Neurologist’s I’ve ever seen. He is patient-centric in his philosophy, truly listens to what you have to say, and is really passionate about Fibro and Headaches.
He is with Kaiser Permanente.
(303) 338-4545

Robyn Tuttle, Physical Therapist
Skyline Kaiser Permanente

Robyn is an amazing PT. She does massage, dry needling, cupping, pretty much anything you need to get you through your pain. She actually trained to dry needle in the face just because I needed it.

Managing life with chronic illness requires savvy spoons