Haiku Friday

I have been feeling the need to point out a few reasons why a person might take gender into consideration when choosing a candidate in this election. (Obviously similar reasoning would apply to race, but I am most effected by the gender issue, so that is where I am writing from.) Thank you for reading!

A Haiku about
finding that one person who
can represent you.

The cruelty of a sleep filled night…

Otter tricked me. Yesterday he slept all night long, in his crib. I slept the deep and uninterrupted sleep of a non-parent. There was no nursing, no smacking in the face, just blissful sleep.

Then last night, he woke up, got moved into my bed, and nursed forever. All night. He wanted nothing to do with being put back in his crib, or with sleeping with me.
Finally, at about 5 in the morning, I put him back in the crib with his mobile, stuffed some earplugs into my ears, and then tried not to listen to him cry until he finally fell asleep again. For an hour.

The thing is, my body, which has been adapted to perform to the best of it’s ability on next to no sleep, was tainted by six and half solid hours. It broke me. Suddenly my brain remembered actual sleep. Today, I am so tired I can hardly keep my eyes open. I could barely drag myself out of bed. The unexpected treat of solid sleep has wrecked my coping mechanisms.


It’s going to be a long day, with not nearly enough coffee in it.

Time for a change…

Change has been on everyone’s minds the past few months as the campaigning for the democratic nomination surges ahead. (But I don’t want to talk about that right now. It turns out I have a lot invested in this race, in a whole new way, and I have some not too rational feelings about it.)

So the change rhetoric got me thinking about changes that can be made at home, which got me thinking about my family’s diet.

I try really hard to cook with organic, healthy foods. I use whole grains, fresh fruits and vegetables, and low or lower fat dairy. I try to ensure my family has several servings of fresh or steamed fruits and veggies at each meal. I stock the “snack shelf” in both the pantry and the fridge with fruits, yogurt, and cheese. My kids don’t get chips and candy and other fatty snacks very often at all. We eat fast food and take out less than 5 times a month.

However, I realized we are still not eating very well. We still use meat as a staple, instead of a garnish, and we still eat less fiber and veggies than we should. This means more fat, and less nutrients. Therefore, yesterday marked the beginning of my new plan for feeding the family.

Last night I opened my Vegetarian Cookbook.
I baked an acorn squash sprinkled with cloves and cinnamon in 1/4 of orange juice and 1/4 of water. I made an Arugula salad with Pear slices, lemon juice, pepper and parmesean. I baked a Mushroom Pate, made with Portabella mushrooms, baby button mushrooms, red pepper, white wine, garlic, onion, red kidney beans and 12 grain bread crumbs. All told it took about an hour to prepare. However, I have pate leftovers galore, so it will make me a yummy lunch, and an excellent appetizer for dinner tonight.

Best of all, everyone loved it. Lee talked about how rich and creamy the pate was, and how filling the meal was. Even Monkey and Otter gobbled the pate up, lip smacking the whole way. I mean, my six year old ate something made with red peppers in it!!

My plan? I plan on buying a copy of the Enchanted Broccoli Forest and the Moosewood Cookbook. The I intend to base every dinner on a healthy vegetarian recipe, and to add a garnish of meat to it from time to time. If I can get my family to eat low fat, high fiber vegetarian dishes with just a touch of meat on them, then I will know I am doing my best to feed them healthy and wholesome foods.

I plan on making lots of leftovers, so the complicated dishes can last more than one meal. It will help this be less of a PITA (Pain in the …). Tonight I plan on preparing a wholesome and creamy chickpea based soup.

Num num.

Of teeth and snowmen…

Poor Otter has his eighth tooth coming in today. It’s poking through the gum and causing all sorts of misery.

He is having a horrible time of it. He will cry inconsolably, and when I try to engage him in other activities he will crawl away to the new toy, only to burst into to tears again as soon as he grabs it.

He keeps turning his little sad tear filled face up to me, finger in mouth, drool pouring out onto the floor.

Every time I pick him up, he will lay his head upon my chest and cry, until he gets mad and pushes away.

It’s been a hard morning.

Monkey did the cutest thing she has done in a while yesterday. She and Luke made a snowman over the weekend. The cold snowy weather didn’t last beyond that day, and so her snowman began to melt, as snowmen are wont to do.

Yesterday Monkey went outside to break open some geodes she had found. I was working on the computer and not paying too much attention, but I kept hearing the door open and close. Then I heard this:

Lee: Monkey, what are you doing with that bowl of ice?
Monkey: Nothing!
Devon: Are you trying to keep your snowman alive?

At this point Monkey burst into tears. It turns out her snowman was melting, and she was bringing ice out to spread over him and keep him cold so he would stop. I gathered her up into my arms and talked to her about the transitory nature of snowmen, but she was inconsolable. She cried for over an hour, lamenting the loss of her new winterly friend.

As my mother said later, one must never give one’s heart to a snowman.

Weekly Winners


It was an exciting week for pictures! Otter was happy to pose with the remote, I got several really great shots of the lunar eclipse, the cat was into some fairly retro posing, and I was able to capture a snow conspiracy!! I hope you enjoy it!

A remote possibility:

Fall was here:

Moon and Stars:

Full lunar eclipse:

Partial Lunar Eclipse:

Cat in the window:

Snow is serious business:

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow…

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but making snowmen is delightful,
Since we’ve no place to go, let it snow, let it snow, let it snow.

Our friend Luke came into town this week to visit with us, and braved the damp chilly weather yesterday while he helped Monkey build a really cool snowman!! I stayed inside with the baby, except for trips out for photographic documentation. My favorite way to enjoy the cold weather is to stay inside and watch it happen without me!!

Inspired by This is not a blog, I took the superhero test. Turns out I am Superman.
I am a little perturbed at being Superman , as my husband refers to him as lawful stupid, and I have always felt I was a little edgier than the man in blue. I mean, I am no Batman, but I could at least hang with him!!

On the upside, I took the “Which SuperVillian are you” test and I am Mystique!
That’s better!