20 more down…

That’s right, 20 more resumes and cover letters sent out since my last post.

I have become less discriminating in my job search as well. Instead of trying to apply in my preferred fields, environmental law and children’s advocacy, I am applying for any legal position I may possibly be qualified to work in.

So far that has included finance, real estate, personal injury, collections, traffic and petty offenses, civil litigation, and more.

Someone, somewhere has to at least be interested in interviewing me.

I have downloaded “killer cover letters” from our school’s career center and tailored each cover letter to match the position I am applying for. I have included writing samples, letters of recommendation, and references.

Satisfyingly fat typed envelopes have been flying off my desk with surprising rapidity.

My goal is ten applications a day. So far I have mananged to hit it. Of course, I did register with three placement agencies, and submitted my online resume for about 15 positions through them, so not all of the 10 a day have been as carefully applied for as the ones I am sending out on my own.

Still, I have to believe I am getting closer to finding a job that fits me.


That is the sound I hear after submitting my resume to dozens of potential law firms.

There have been no responses that I can call positive, since there have been no responses at all! I have had plenty of leads that lead nowhere, and tons of time put into trolling the job sites for postings that may or may not lead to more nowhere.

Worst of all, the money from my last case is dwindling, the next case I take will not pay for a long time.

How does one start a law practice without entering bankruptcy or selling half naked pictures of themselves on the internet? (Not that my post-baby body would earn as much as my pre-baby body, but hey, someone out there has to have a stretch mark fetish.)

What makes me the most nervous is that I have only submitted about 20-25 resumes. My significantly more experienced friend submitted over 100, and from those, only received 11 interviews. Ha ha HA!!

So, I submit 80 more resumes, and then maybe I will get a phone call? Ugh, I have educated myself out of the workforce people, it was easier for me to find work when I didn’t have a law degree.

Guess all I can do now is…. go back to school.

We call the big one bitey and other tales of woe…

Back in college my husband lived with several of our friends in a house in Ft. Collins. One of those friends had 3 ferrets, and the largest one had a penchant for nipping. The saying they came up with at the time was “We call the big one Bitey”. Therefore, Lee completely understood what I meant when I looked at him the other day while nursing Otter and said “we call the big one Bitey.”

Otter is cutting 4 molars currently, and lately he has been testing my dedication to breastfeeding.

Chomp goes the baby.

No Otter!! No biting!! says I, in a stern voice that causes Otter to pull away a little and look sadly at me, lips a-tremble. A delicate sigh will escape his down turned mouth and then he will snuggle back down to nursing.

CHOMP!!! goes the baby.

Fuck!! Get OFF me! I’m Done!! I scream through gritted teeth.

Lee!! Take him before I do something I regret!! I implore as I clutch my wounded nipple in a vain attempt to stop the throbbing pain.

Wah!! says the baby, as he is carried away from milk and Mama, confused and uncertain as to why he has been bereft of his favorite snack/snuggle time.

Ow…ow…OW…OW….OW!! The kid is biting hard enough that it takes days for the pain to fully recede. I don’t want to stop nursing right now, but I am starting to get nipple shy. I swear, my nipples attempt to retreat back into my body whenever Otter comes near me.

Ideas? Suggestions? Sources for nipple armor?

To add insult to injury, or actually injury to injury, I managed to put my left hand into a fully operational ceiling fan yesterday while attempting to organize my very tall space-saving bookshelf. (It turns out that fan related injuries are an inherent downside of space saving.) I am currently debating a visit to the doctor to see if it is supposed to hurt this much and stay this swollen. I am having a hard time typing, lifting, driving, diapering, coffee making, fork holding, etc.

Of course, I am a stay at home mom, so clearly all I need it for is retrieving bon-bons from the coffee table right?