Happy All Hallow’s Eve!!

This morning saw Marlena off to school with her costume in a bag and her hair in closely approximated cinnamon roll buns. I wonder what her costume is this Halloween?

We decorated our pumpkins last night, and ended up with a nice little family of Jaggedy Lanterns on the front porch.

I had a particularly warty pumpkin, so I thought it would best go with a warty witch.

Marlena was insistent that her and Oliver’s pumpkins have a little baby tooth on them. So we ended up with two very cute Baby Toothed Jack-O-Lanterns.

Lee went with his “classic pumpkin” which he says he does every year. Oddly, I think I see that facial expression on him from time to time.

We even stuffed pants and a sweater with shredded financial documents (many Enron jokes were made), plopped a Steer’s Skull (Cause yeah, my roommate happened to have on in the garage) on the top, and added the resulting figure to our Spooky porch display. I will post more pictures once the tricks have been tricked and the treats consumed!

Happy Halloween!!

Continuing a family tradition.

When I was a child my father taught me how to play chess. He has told me stories of how I would try and make the pieces move in my own way, or attempt to change the game to fit my desires of the moment. I remember getting several chess boards together with my brother and creating a battlefield for our amassing armies. I know it took years for me to take the game seriously, and yet he still taught me to play.

As I got older and began to play for real we would have fairly regular games. I remember sitting across the table from him in the living room, playing the game well beyond my bedtime. I remember feeling so grown up and smart, sitting there with my Father, playing this very challenging game on this grown up board. I even remember the smell of the pieces, and the way the wood sounded when it was clinked together while a piece was captured. I remember my mother coming downstairs, exasperated because it was a school night, and there I was, playing chess until way past my bedtime.

When I got older I kept playing. I still remember the first time I was able to fully understand the game, able to visualize the possible moves of all the pieces on the board. The first time I really got why it could take half an hour to decide where to put your next piece. I remember feeling a sudden shift in my thinking, as if I had only been able to see out of a small window and then suddenly someone had opened the entire wall. To this day I still think this moment started me on the path towards being a lawyer. I often get the same sense looking at a case as I do looking at a chess board.

I have kept playing over the years, not as much as I used to, but I’ve broken a board out from time to time and played with a friend or two.

Sunday I played with a new partner. Marlena and I played our first game of chess together. At six, she is far more focused on the pieces and their unique rules than I ever was. She was able to understand and keep track of all the individual moves, and was able to tell me what pieces could capture hers when she moved to a certain square.

We had so much fun! We laughed together as we made up sounds for each piece, and discussed strategies for the game, such as when it’s wise to sacrifice a piece and when it’s not. We played for over an hour, and even went past her bedtime. Now the board is sitting in a corner with our game still in tact, waiting for our next free hour together.

I haven’t had that much pure enjoyment with my daughter in a long time. Usually we are so busy dealing with the stuff of life that we don’t get an hour or two to just play. I am so glad we did it, and I plan on spending a couple evenings a week playing with her. I got a chance to see the young woman she will be peeking out of the corner of her little girl eyes. Best of all, I got to feel the joy of continuing a family tradition.

So Daddy, you better get your board out for Christmas! This year you have two girls waiting to play a game.

Beware the Teetherwock, dear mom!

The jaws that clamp, the teeth that bite!
Beware the urge to chomp, and gums
whose pain proceed tooth’s might.

She took her Oragel in hand:
Long time the numbed tooth bud she sought,
So breastfed she, in the nursery,
And lay awhile in thought.

And, during that nursing thought he rose,
The Teetherwock, with gums aflame,
Came clamping down through sleep’s repose,
A’chomping as it came!

One, two! One, two! And through and through
The kitten teeth did chomp and tear!
She raised her head, and took a breath,
And began to loudly swear.

“How can thou soothe the Teetherwock,
And end his reign of nipple pain?
If his chomps continue unabated
I may never nurse again!”

Adapted from Lewis Carrol’s The JabberWocky.

Chore Wars

We have found a way to track the chores here in our Manic Menagerie. We are using Chore Wars.

What is it? It’s an online role playing site where you can create characters, create adventures, and dole out xp and treasures for household chores.

For example:

Marlena can perform the adventure Tidy the Princess’s Quarters. The adventure reads: This is an adventure that takes place in The East Tower. It requires high strength, low constitution, medium dexterity and medium wisdom. It pays between 4 and 8 gold. There is a 10% chance of finding treasure (Prize from the Prize Bin, Hugs from MamaMia, Dessert of Choice).

Or, anyone can perform the adventure Change the Uber-Poopy. It reads: This is an adventure that takes place in Castle. It requires high dexterity. It pays between 1 and 2 gold. There is a 40% chance of finding treasure (Baby Smiles). There is a 9% chance of meeting a wandering monster (Sticky Stinky Poo Goo).

We have regularly occuring adventures, such as Whipping the Dishbot part one. This is an adventure that takes place in Galley. It requires low strength, low constitution and medium dexterity. It pays between 2 and 4 gold. There is a 5% chance of finding treasure (Sponge of increased de-greasing,+5 gratitude (From MamaMia)). There is a 20% chance of meeting a wandering monster (Spawn of the Ancient Unknown Substance).

We also have one time quests, such as Rebels at the Gates. Clear the squatters from outside the stable’s gates (Clean up the trash outside the garage)
This is a quest that takes place in The Stables. It requires high strength, low dexterity and low wisdom. It pays between 20 and 30 gold. There is a 100% chance of finding treasure (Lyre of Building). There is a 100% chance of meeting a wandering monster (Peasants).

So far everyone has been in a frenzy both creating adventures, and performing them. Inspired by Devon viewing this comic, it should be a fun attempt at adding more fun into housecleaning.

It’s free, or a one time $10 charge for the deluxe account. If nothing else, it is a great creative way to write down everything you need to do in your house.

** I just got into my first battle with “the Urine Monster” after performing the adventure, Cleanup on Aisle 5. I actually got to watch the battle, hit by hit, after entering my chore. Marlena is going to have so much fun with this! (Okay, okay, so am I.)

Whining takes last place behind comfort.

Okay, so being sick when you’re a mom can be a stressful experience, but I have to revise my statement of yesterday. It’s not all bad.

I got tucked in by a sweet six year old, who hunted up the softest blanket in the house and tucked me under it all of her own volition. Then she got me a big cup of water and sat on the couch petting my head.

I think I could handle this. Why is it tiny hands are so sweet?

Then Lee came home and made me tea and ordered in dinner.

So I guess I am still Mommy’d when I am sick, it’s just that the players have changed.

Technical difficulties.

Okay, so apparently my embedded video only showed for me yesterday, so hopefully that will be fixed with a new direct from YouTube posting of the video.

As for the contest winners… I am sorry, but you will have to wait for tomorrow. I am experiencing technical difficulties. (Read as: I am sick, horribly, fevery, headachy, shivery, throat sorey sick).

What I dislike the most about being a mommy is being sick. Why? Because I got to spend my sick day doing the following:
1. Signing Marlena up for Swim lessons at the Y (which required filling out endless forms while holding a cranky baby on my hip).
2. Caring for a sick, and therefore screaming, infant.
3. Emptying a catbox (all three defeated me, it was simply too hard).
4. Swiffing the fur covered floor (I couldn’t take it anymore, the furballs were sticking to my feet when I walked into the kitchen. Eew.)
5. Cleaning up cat pee (which prompted the catbox emptying. Whenever the cats are offended by the catbox, they pee on my stuff. That’s right, MY stuff, no one else’s, just mine).
6. Cleaning up cat vomit (why should I be the only one who is sick? Am I selfish or something? Spread the illness around baby!)

So yeah, great day to be sick. I am sorry I didn’t get the contest stuff done, I will do so tomorrow.