Happy All Hallow’s Eve!!

This morning saw Marlena off to school with her costume in a bag and her hair in closely approximated cinnamon roll buns. I wonder what her costume is this Halloween?

We decorated our pumpkins last night, and ended up with a nice little family of Jaggedy Lanterns on the front porch.

I had a particularly warty pumpkin, so I thought it would best go with a warty witch.

Marlena was insistent that her and Oliver’s pumpkins have a little baby tooth on them. So we ended up with two very cute Baby Toothed Jack-O-Lanterns.

Lee went with his “classic pumpkin” which he says he does every year. Oddly, I think I see that facial expression on him from time to time.

We even stuffed pants and a sweater with shredded financial documents (many Enron jokes were made), plopped a Steer’s Skull (Cause yeah, my roommate happened to have on in the garage) on the top, and added the resulting figure to our Spooky porch display. I will post more pictures once the tricks have been tricked and the treats consumed!

Happy Halloween!!

3 thoughts on “Happy All Hallow’s Eve!!”

  1. What a beautiful Princess Leia! And all those gorgeous jack-o-lanterns. Wish I could come trick or treat at your house.
    Love to all–

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