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Thankful for a quieter life.

When I was small I believed I was destined to be a very important person.  Like those who go to fortune tellers and are unsurprised to discover they were Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth in a former life, I was certain I would be someone whose presence danced across the international stage.

This disillusion lasted for an embarrassingly long period of time, well into my thirties in fact.  First I was going to be a great actress, then a world renowned writer, and finally, a Supreme Court Justice.  It wasn’t until I developed debilitating ovarian cysts and spent nearly a year and a half in ridiculous amounts of pain that my understanding of what my life was to be changed.

This year I am thankful for a quieter life.  I am thankful beyond measure to be free of the pain that rendered me a poor mother, partner, wife, and friend.  I am thankful to have moved on to the point where I can work a nearly full time job and participate in my children’s lives.

While I once dreamed of days spent imparting my wisdom to the masses or walking the red carpet with throngs of followers, now I am happy to read with my boyfriend in front of a fire and enjoy a nice glass of wine.  I am happy to stay home most nights, read to my children, snuggly my cat, and go to bed at a decent hour.

I find joy in walking places, now that I am once again able to meander for miles without needing to sit down and recover from a bout of excruciating pain.  I am happy to bicycle and do push ups, to dance and sing, to clean the house.

Having pain enter my life is not something I can be happy for.  I’ve tried, but even I am not that self-effacing.  Learning to build my life back into something fulfilling, enjoyable, and truly lovely is something I treasure with all my heart.

So thank you to all of you who helped me find my way back from the dark recesses of illness, the precipice of suicide, and the resulting wreckage of my former life.  You lent strength to someone who didn’t have her own and helped lead me to a happier, quieter, life.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Adventures in General Counseling

I have moved into the role of General Counsel for a small company.  As you can imagine, the number of legal issues that arise, even for a computer forensics company, are few.  My first week I wrote contracts, by the second week I was handling all of our HR paperwork, by the third week I was responsible for our social media presence.  Week four, they added web design.

So today, I sit in my boyfriend’s cozy downstairs office in front of a fire attempting to ferret out the necessary HTML/CSS coding required to double space a block quote in a content manager plug-in.

I find it humorous that law school taught me the one thing I needed to join the world of business as a valuable and fully flexible team member, the ability to research.  My tens of thousands of hours spent researching various legal issues has given me a nearly preternatural ability to find information and tutorials pertaining to any task I am handed.

So I am building our website, piece by piece.  It was initially fully designed (in my mind) two weeks ago.  Then, at the website review one simple question was asked. “Can we add different colored boxes with information to the site?”

“hmmm…. I don’t know. Let me check”

The answer, no. The theme I had chosen didn’t allow for that.  So off I went on a two day research trip across the vast landscape of the interwebs to see what resources would work with the theme to enable that capability. I found many, but most were pretty crappy looking.  Then I stumbled across one that would allow us to make as many changes as we wished to the site.  I bought it and happily began the tedious process of moving the content into the content manager and arranging our boxes and information in a pleasing and eye-catching manner.

Then I hit a wall.

Paragraph spacing.  I have no idea how to accomplish paragraph spacing within this theme.

So weeks of work are stalled while I spend more time seeking out the appropriate way to code for paragraph spacing than I did on writing the content for the site.