Hum de dum…

Still not in labor, still getting bigger every day.

The baby is so smushed at this point that his kicks are pathetic imitations of his once strong demands. He is folded up like a card table and begging to get out, and I would love to let him, but as of yet, we are not in agreement as to when he should arrive.

Tomorrow is the due date, if I awake on Monday and there is no baby, I expect tears. Lots of tears.

I’m too pregnant for this party…

No way I’m disco dancing!! Well, the due date rapidly approaches. Will Otter indeed be an April Fool’s day baby? Will he spend his life loving or hating the oddness of his date of birth if he is? Will my stomach ever recover from his amazing growth?

He is Goliath! He is a big baby! However, I am going to be huge when I go into labor, so all is well. I can birth a giant child, I am a strong, well built, scandinavian lawyer! Nothing can stop me!! Monkey wasn’t small and I survived, now it’s time to birth her brother!

BTW, I will not be posting about the birth immediately after or during, but I will try and leave a voice mail message indicating that I am in labor. If you need to hear details before we contact you, you can call my mother, she is first on the call list, so y’all have my permission to call her to check on me. (Love ya Mom!!)

Hunger trumps exhaustion…

hmmm… this is a fun new twist!

It is 2:40 am and I am awake because I was too hungry to sleep through the night! Yes, despite my healthy dinner of a ham and turkey wrap on whole wheat multi-grain flat bread, my high in antioxidants dessert of vanilla ice cream and pomegranate sorbet, and my bedtime snack of groaning cake and a bowl of apple sauce, I am awake and starving!!

So a nice large bowl of Honey Nut Cheerios, and a large icy cold glass of milk later I am feeling the edge disappear from my hunger.

Now maybe I can go back to bed. Too bad I didn’t wake up to, oh I don’t know, Labor!!