Thank you

Thanks and a funny Monkey moment!

Thanks to everyone for your responses to the job entry! It was mana from heaven kind of stuff, and now is looking like I may be able to move into an associate position, or share office space with everyone there once I am licensed here. So, I will be full fleged lawyer mom with kid friendly schedule yet able to practice law. It is indeed miraculous.

The blob is well, and approaching three months so pretty much looks like a tiny baby, our next well baby visit is Tuesday, and I will bring pics to the reception for viewing.

A funny Monkey moment:

At dinner two nights ago Monkey ordered her usual chicken and french fries. She ate the chicken but not the french fries. Then she turned to her father and I and said “You know why I am not going to eat my french fries?” We responded “No Monkey, why aren’t you going to eat your french fries?” “Because Chicken is healthier than french fries, it is full of the protein and vitamins I need to grow big and strong.” Then she picked up another piece of chicken and began eating. Lee was eventually able to close his mouth. I was eventually able to stop laughing.

See!! They LISTEN!!! It may be years before they indicate to you that they do, but they LISTEN!!

Your Denver Girl, in a Jersey World.

I turn on a dime…

I got a job!!!

Yes!! No more cottage industry for me!! I am working for a lawyer!! I get to do legal research and complaint drafting and case analysis and everything! She is going to help me get my license out here, and then she is going to start sending me to court when cases go that far because she hates it!! I am soooo happy!! Ellen connected her to me today and I interviewed with her tonight!!

She handles mainly legal malpractice, but has other cases as well. I start tomorrow!!
My first job as a lawyer!!

Oooh. The best part. The office houses three attorneys, all of whom are moms. They work mom hours, bring their kids in when they need to, work from home when they need to. They have a conference room that has a dvd player, and cable, a microwave, and mini fridge so the kids can relax with a movie while the moms work. I can work as many hours as I wish and this lawmom haven is only 20 minutes away!! She even has nigh unlimited westlaw, so I can research from the office or home, instead of in the library!! I can even work after the baby is born! My career can start! It really can!

Is like I fell asleep on Black’s law dictionary and woke up in Utopia!

Well I am off to bed, I start tomorrow and need my sleep!

All manner of new industries…

In an attempt to fulfill my creative needs, my empty pocket-book, and my long hours alone while Monkey is in school, I am learning the art of making homemade beeswax lip balms. Yes, the law educated mom is going to attempt to sell little tasty pots of pampering to increase her fundage.

So far the recipes I have been collecting have ranged from milk and honey flavored to chocolate flavored balms. I have little glass pots bookmarked, and wholesale organic beeswax suppliers at my fingertips. I have researched organic, natural preservatives, and the best way to sterilize little glass pots. I have also come across ideas for lotion bars and other treats along the way.

Is this endeavor insane? Should one who spent years learning how to write court motions and represent clients in court now delve into the land of beauty supplies? We shall have to see, however, there has yet to be a response to the myraid of resumes I have sent for legal positions. So I plan on making a batch or two over the next few weeks, and trying to sell them to local stores. If that fails, I may try a website of my own. Any ideas for marketing??

I figure at the very least I will have a supply of yummy holiday gifts to hand out when our broke family flies home. I promise to focus intently on creating as many different chocolate lover’s flavors as I possibly can.

Soon to be among the sticky Pots-O-Pampering,

Denver Woman/Girl/Mom/Lawyer/Crafter/Etc.

Tired and gestating in Red Bank…

There is the baby!! Well, there is my tummy, which houses inside it, the baby!! I am doing well, and as soon as I can find a scanner, I will post images of the blob from our last sonogram. Still suffering from interminable exhaustion, but the upside is.. I am getting a lot of rest!

Monkey is starting to get used to the idea of school. She seems to enjoy it, though is always sad when I drop her off. I am finding the extra time very calming and the opportunity to read and relax very nice. I wish more of my friends were here to hang out with me while she is in school. (Especially you law people who aren’t working yet.) However, I still find a lot to do. For example: I am busily imagining all sorts of ways for a pregnant woman to picket pharmacies refusing to distribute birth control. I think it will make an interesting image. I also have been trying to make some interesting jewelry, and learning more crochet. I am reading like my life depends on it, maybe because my sanity depends on it. I am getting some exercise and cooking lots of interesting things.

Most importantly, I am beginning to like it here. It is not like home, I don’t love it, but it is a pleasant place to be. There was a street fair today, we went and ate funnel cakes. There was a carnival on the boardwalk last week that Monkey, Shane and I attended. There are orchards where you can pick your own fruit and the beaches are still lovely. So all in all it is not a horrible place to live. If you can get past the rude driver’s, the impatient people, the lack of real mexican food, and the bugs , it is pretty nice.

So, we come home to visit for the wedding in eleven days!! See you all for hugs soon!


A call to action

A response to Tracy’s call to action…

Pharmacists are refusing to fill valid medical prescriptions because of their own personal beliefs. I find this beyond reprehensible. Tracy asked us to sign a petition to congress. I did. Here is my letter:

“Denying access to medical care on the basis of personal morality is the lowest and most deadly form of both discrimination and judgement. It is not the job of pharmacists in this country to make moral decisions for their customers. It is not the job of pharmacists in this country to make medical decisions for thier consumers. It is their job to fill prescriptions written by doctors. If they can’t do this job, they should leave the profession. We do not allow doctors to deny access to medical care based on religious and moral belief systems. We do allow politicians to deny access to government based on religious and moral belief systems. The people in this nation still have rights to personal health and safety, and the women in this nation ARE PEOPLE. We vote, we contribute to the economy, and we have the same rights as men. If pharmacists refuse to fill birth control prescriptions because they believe sexual activities should only be engaged in for procreation, why are they filling prescriptions for Viagra? It is not a drug meant solely for procreation. Pharmacists should be ashamed of engaging in this blatant discrimination. Companies should be ashamed of allowing them to. Stop them. Stop this. I will personally stop shopping at any company who ever allows a pharmacist to deny a valid prescription based on personal moral opinion. Further, I will write others, and urge they do the same. I will ask people to picket the companies that support this thinking, and the representatives who protect it. Women are tired of being second class citizens. We are a power, we have a voice, and we will find a way to be heard. Help us.”

So, Let’s do it!! Sign the petition! Add your own comments. And then, let’s research the companies that are supporting this and boycott them. Let’s write others and urge them to do so as well. Let’s get on the forefront of the battle this time. I am tired of waiting for congress to act and watching while the religious right strip more rights from our people. Women are not just baby making machines. We are people. We deserve access to medical care.

Link to the petition now!!

Send this petition to your friends, comment on other blogs that fight against this. Write to your newspapers!! Call the T.V. and radio stations. Let’s find a way to raise money and put up creative advertisements of our own!!!

I am tired of sitting still and waiting for them to take it all away.

Monkey’s first day of kindergarten.

Monkey began kindergarten today. We began our day with a nice shower and a breakfast of sticky cinnamon rolls fresh from the oven. (The sleepy parents also began with coffee, not that it helped over much.)

Monkey chose to wear the princess shirt her Nana and Papa bought her, and I gave her a little kittycat necklace for good luck. She made quick work of two cinnamon rolls and a huge glass of milk. After breakfast we donned the backpack of doom and headed outside for pictures.

We also took a few pictures of the backpack of doom. Monkey wanted to decorate her backpack so that it was the “fanciest one anyone ever saw” and it is very nice, but what impressed me was it’s size compared to her. It sticks more out behind her than she does on front of it.

Once the photofest was over we were on our way. She was all right in the car but began to get nervous the closer we got to school. We don’t live very far from the school but navigating downtown Red Bank during morning rush hour adds time to our commute. At the school Monkey was very nervous initially and held my hand from the car to the lunchroom. The children gather there in the morning with their class at a specific table and the teacher comes down and brings them to their classroom. She kept saying, “I want to go home” and looking nervously around. There was a little girl right across from us who introduced herself. Monkey smiled at her and said “I’m Monkey, I want to go home!” She invited Monkey over to sit next to her and they were gabbing and smiling away within moments. I gave her a big hug and kiss and beat feet before she could get upset. Of course, I got all weepy in the parking lot on the way to the car because my teeny baby is now in school. Real School. And she still looks far too small and babylike in my eyes to be so grown up.

After three and a half hours of freedom (it was a partial day) I returned to pick up a triumphant girl. She had raised her hand and answered a question in class, which resulted in a sticker from the teacher. Her name is Ms. Diamond and Monkey likes her a lot. I am looking forward to more school days, and happily so is Monkey.

Thanks for sharing our first day of kindergarten with us!! More about our adventures in New Jersey coming to a blog near you!

A backyard… a bubble gun… and thou.

While in New York on a safari for the world’s largest art supply store Monkey discovered a bubble gun that cost exactly as much as her allowance. Never one to pass up the chance to spend all of her allowance at once she happily purchased the longed for bubble spewing device.

Once the device began to clog and the fun to deteriorate the ever adaptable child switched to old school bubble fun.

After experiencing many hours of backyard fun and excitment we all decided it was a good investment. Enjoy the pictures, more about our weekend tomorrow!