Thank you

Thanks and a funny Monkey moment!

Thanks to everyone for your responses to the job entry! It was mana from heaven kind of stuff, and now is looking like I may be able to move into an associate position, or share office space with everyone there once I am licensed here. So, I will be full fleged lawyer mom with kid friendly schedule yet able to practice law. It is indeed miraculous.

The blob is well, and approaching three months so pretty much looks like a tiny baby, our next well baby visit is Tuesday, and I will bring pics to the reception for viewing.

A funny Monkey moment:

At dinner two nights ago Monkey ordered her usual chicken and french fries. She ate the chicken but not the french fries. Then she turned to her father and I and said “You know why I am not going to eat my french fries?” We responded “No Monkey, why aren’t you going to eat your french fries?” “Because Chicken is healthier than french fries, it is full of the protein and vitamins I need to grow big and strong.” Then she picked up another piece of chicken and began eating. Lee was eventually able to close his mouth. I was eventually able to stop laughing.

See!! They LISTEN!!! It may be years before they indicate to you that they do, but they LISTEN!!

Your Denver Girl, in a Jersey World.

6 thoughts on “Thank you”

  1. It’s a phase, I tell you! She’ll return to fry eating soon, never fear!

    Oh…wait. Eating chicken = good!

    Whoops. Nevermind!

    Babies still look decidedly like blobs at 5 weeks. Around 8 weeks they start looking like something mammalian, but still indistinguishable from pig, dog, or cat embryos. You knew that, though. I’m checking out my pretty book A Child Is Born. Very nice photography.

  2. hmmm… does it have pictures of the baby at each month? I want to be able to give Marlena an idea of where the baby is and all our books are artistic renderings.


    Not that I’m surprised. But WOW!

    I’m certain that by the time she’s in 1st grade she’ll be teaching me all sorts of stuff.

    She already taught me the words to, as I now know it, Shrek. And how to play kick the balloon game — but I’m still not sure how I lost that one 51 – 2.
    Maybe she was going easy on me?

  4. It has pics at almost every month. Go have a look at it. It was done years ago, so the clothes are really dated, but they are actual pictures of fetuses inside the womb. Growing. It was a huge deal when it first came out.

  5. I wish I had that much good sense. For now, I will just go make myself a Carmel Macchiato on our new fancy-schmancy coffee machine thing and pretend it is healthy 🙂

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