Passed the bar!!

A brief update, to be followed by many ramblings!

Hello everyone! We are back from our honeymoon, and near our laptops again, so the blogging may commence. I can’t wait to tell you all what we did on our adventure!

However, we are packing mom off to Denver today, so I will write on the wedding and honeymoon tomorrow.

However, I wanted to share my news with everyone….


I am a bona fide licensed attorney!!

It has been a long road, thanks to all who have been on it with me.

5 thoughts on “Passed the bar!!”

  1. Nuh uh! Not until you are sworn in, baby!

    You’re still a proto-lawyer, for a couple more weeks. Trembling on the esge of fully realized lawyerism!

    Congratulations! Well done! Hear, hear! Hooray!

    Hey, will your company give you a raise for this? Yeehaw!

  2. Nope! No raise for me, I am still not licensed here. sigh.

    But the great news is I get to take the bar Again here!! Oh happy happy joy joy.

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