Rue the day…

A new kitten.

The wedding and honeymoon info will have to wait. There is a much more important, or at least, much cuter, new addition to our lives that requires an introduction.

Meet Roo. Roo was the runt of the litter, hence why we named him Roo. He is already famous for his enthusiastic 5 am sessions of “Attack Blanket Kitten Commando”, ruthlessly played on our bed.

So far, his favorite pastimes include… purring in one’s ear after having painfully scrambled up their shoulder, eating Lee’s or my buttons, playing “catch the feather” with Monkey, and eating the dog’s food. (Much to their consternation)

He is also big on sleeping, though not at night. He mostly prefers laps. More cute images of the new resident cutie to come. And a summary of our island adventures.

6 thoughts on “Rue the day…”

  1. I am so pleased that your house is filled with animals, children and all sorts of mischief! There is nothing better than a kitten to suss out the playful aspects of all households new and old! I also cannot help but notice that you have created a law-like balance in your home as well. With 2 dogs, two adults and soon to be two children it seems only fair that Cloe be granted a yin to her yang. Well done Lawyer lady :).

  2. Marlena says: I miss you too Caitlin and I am gonna come to Colorado to see you and I love you and I will come and play with you on Sunday.

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