Listen and you shall receive…

a star!

Ask” checked back in to see if I had listened to their advice. They awarded me a star for the changes I made to my template and the attitude I took towards my review. I appreciate the fact that they checked back.
As for my response to their review…there was no way I was going to submit my blog to a website widely known for tearing bloggers a new one, and then whine about what they said about me. If I wanted gentle and kind I would have submitted my blog to ‘I will inoffensively comment on your writing and template style while taking your feelings into account’.com. Where is the thrill in a site like that? I had hoped they would like me, and their review did piss me off, but I wasn’t about to whine about it.

I needed a new template. I have been working on a WP template for months now, but was scared to try to learn a new blogging tool. Blogger was the devil I knew. It wasn’t until ‘Ask’ smacked me upside the bottom that I finally stopped dragging my feet and jumped in the deep end. I am glad I did. I have so many more options to play with, and more places to put the things I want to share with the you. I am no longer forced to shove all my stuff onto one page.

So I would like to thank Queen Mutha for pointing out the obvious; my previous template was seizure inducing. I am glad she appreciates the new one as much as I do.


I have started the job search process so my family can move back to Denver. We are not thriving here on the East Coast, so far away from the bulk of our resources. The expense for daily living out here is still amazing to me, and I am far from able to build a successful practice without a local license. I am incredibly nervous about job hunting. It is hard not to feel as though my skills have gone slack while I have stayed home with my kids.

When I first passed the bar I could have answered a million random legal questions in an interview. Now I feel less able to do so. Sometimes I feel like my brain went out with the afterbirth. I am going to have to start reading up again, and treat job hunting like exams. I just feel so overwhelmed. Sometimes I find it hard to get anything other than childcare done and now I am going to add job hunting, resume and cover letter refining, and studying to the mix of my daily responsibilities.

I know part of my trepidation stems of having “baby lawyer” syndrome. I still feel uncertain in navigating the field. My environmental law prof used to say “law school is a ten year process, you just get paid for the final seven”. He swore that everyone felt uncertain and nervous for the first seven years of practice. I only hope prospective employers remember that feeling as well as he does.

I suppose I will always feel this way if I never get off my butt and start working. Maybe I will feel more assured after I cram for a few weeks.