I made a thing!

A little reminder to help me get through each day.

I find myself playing with them all day long. They are just about perfect for reminding me to be gentle with myself and others as I deal with chronic pain, disability, and life.

In a plug of shameless self promotion, I am selling them. You can see them on my Amazon Handmade page if you would like a set for yourself. The come with a simply black cord.

Three Simple Spoons for Three Simple Rules. Be kind. Be patient. Be forgiving. Especially with yourself.

From dusk ’til dawn

A peaceful day, a gloomy sky, the sounds of construction grinding by.

I light my incense, I close my door, my autumn headache is here once more.

My favorite sweater I gently don, I’ve got my coffee and my thick socks on.

I want to walk, to paint, to play. Instead I’m forced to sit and stay.

The neighbors laugh, the world moves on. I watch it pass.

From dusk ’til dawn.