A not so bad solution to brownies.

One of the things I thought I might do as I wander my new gluten-free path is review the GF products I try and let you know whether or not you should bother spending the additional cash for something that may just taste like sawdust. To that end I present my first GF review:

Week three of the no gluten diet started with a day where I was tormented by a box of double chocolate donuts at the office. All day long when I went to get coffee I could smell pure chocolate rising out of the box. All day long I watched the number of gooey donuts decrease. All day long I felt irritated that most gooey chocolate treats are made with wheat and that even chocolate itself often has barely malt in it.

That irritation ended today.

Today I made Namaste gluten-free brownies and smothered them in Nutella.

I have eaten three so far, the kids love them, and my girlfriends enjoyed them too. They aren’t traditional brownies with chocolate frosting, but they are good enough to be something delicious on their own instead of a poor replacement!

So! Namaste gluten-free brownies are a go for this gluten free newbie and are good enough to offer to guests without apology for their lack of traditional ingredients.

Namaste Foods, Gluten Free Brownie Mix, 30-Ounce Bags (Pack of 6)


*Disclosure: I am not paid by Namaste to review their brownie mix but the above link is my Amazon affiliate link so I will get a small kickback if you feel the sudden desire to order 6 bags of brownie mix from my website right now.

Now with less gluten!!

My mom told me she is being tested for celiac’s disease a few weeks ago. I didn’t know a lot about celiacs so I went to Google to learn more and discovered something very interesting.

All the utterly random things I have been seeing neurologists for since I turned twelve are side effects of celiac’s disease.

Migraines, carpal tunnel like symptoms, seizures, bone and joint pain, fatigue, tooth discoloration, abdominal pain.

So, given that I have had over a dozen MRI’s because of my migraines in addition to a wash of other tests and an incorrect epilepsy diagnosis I thought I might try and see if I have a gluten allergy. I had two choices, call my doctor and schedule an endoscopy or stop eating it and see how I feel. I chose the second.

I am in week number three and I am feeling a great deal better. My joints have stopped hurting, my headaches are less frequent and rarely approach the level of a migraine, my weird little thumb seizure appears less frequently. I have more energy and am sleeping better too, though that may have more to do with the fact that I can’t eat 95% of the crap available to me every day and am eating more healthily than it has to do with gluten. All I know is that I feel better all over, and not eating gluten has done what twenty-two years of medical science couldn’t.

The downside is a real pain in the ass diet. Gluten is in virtually everything. The upside is better health, and I am guessing a great weight loss plan and I can’t eat most fast foods, junk foods, and restaurant meals. I was really down when I figured out I can’t drink beer. I love to go to the Cheeky Monk and toss back a few belgian brews so I was really bummed when I first started. Happily I discovered Argonauts, a nearby liquor store, carries a wide variety of gluten free beer, including three belgian ale’s with solid flavors.

So, I raise a glass of Green’s Gluten Free ale and toast a future free of pain and gluten.

Second skin…

I seem to accept my new roles in life a long time after I fill them. I spent years feeling like a fake mother, someone who was going to be caught doing it all wrong by all the “real parents” out there. I spent years feeling as though I was acting the part of spouse, certain the requirements of the role weren’t quite a perfect fit for me and doing my best to fill them anyway. I spent years feeling uncertain and tentative as a professional, certain I would jump to quickly to answer something and end up making a fool out of myself.

Today I feel like me.

Today all my roles fit snugly against me, like a second skin. Motherhood is me. Marriage is me. Lawyer is me.

It’s nice to meet me.