A lovely day…

Lee and I spent the day organizing the office and clearing up the baby space. Mom kept Otter happy while he slept and we tackled our various tasks. Lee moved furniture down from the old office and organized his space, I packed up my maternity clothes for shipping to Hatchet and organized my space.

After we were done creating a calmer atmosphere in the house, (we are almost at a state of sanity, primarily thanks to my mother doing laundry all week!) Uncle Jack and Aunt Letitia came by to meet the newest member of the Krebs family. Otter ate and slept for most of the time, but he was social for a little while.

We had pizza for dinner, drank beer, and hung out comfortably with the family. Jack and Letitia are staying at a nearby Marriot until Tuesday morning. After they left for the night, we settled in for an evening of “Heroes”, snuggles, and nursing! Jack adn Letitia will be back tomorrow for another visit or two before heading home to Virginia Beach. I am hoping we can make it out to see them again this summer, as I would dearly love to spend more time with them and Monkey would love to see her cousins again. (All girls, all under 8.)

Here are some portraits of Sir Otter (Scientific name: Nurse-a-rificus spit-upicus) with his visiting family.
Otter and Nama

Otter and Great Uncle Jack

Otter and Great Aunt Letitia

Looking around

He can hold his head up already!

Yesterday he began pulling up and looking around, and today he held his head up straight for about 3 minutes and looked about the room! He is soo strong!

He also had another bath today, and was quietly contemplative during it, as opposed to the screaming fit he had during the last one. Pictures of bath #2 to come….

nom nom

It felt like he was nursing endlessly…

and he was! Of course, he gained 17 ounces and grew another inch and a half in one week, so it makes sense that he would nurse about 30-45 minutes out of every hour to hour and twenty minutes!

Yes, my son, the future defensive lineman, or perhaps, the Incredible Hulk Baby, as Tracy has suggested. (Baby mad! Baby want food!)

My life is pretty much nurse, eat, nurse, bathroom break, nurse, eat, nurse, sleep, nurse, eat, etc. Everytime we have gone somewhere, I have had to nurse him in the car or the store/dressing room/at the table at least twice while we are gone. This is after nursing him before we left. Of course, once we return, we have to nurse again.

At least the madness comes with many snuggles.