nom nom

It felt like he was nursing endlessly…

and he was! Of course, he gained 17 ounces and grew another inch and a half in one week, so it makes sense that he would nurse about 30-45 minutes out of every hour to hour and twenty minutes!

Yes, my son, the future defensive lineman, or perhaps, the Incredible Hulk Baby, as Tracy has suggested. (Baby mad! Baby want food!)

My life is pretty much nurse, eat, nurse, bathroom break, nurse, eat, nurse, sleep, nurse, eat, etc. Everytime we have gone somewhere, I have had to nurse him in the car or the store/dressing room/at the table at least twice while we are gone. This is after nursing him before we left. Of course, once we return, we have to nurse again.

At least the madness comes with many snuggles.

6 thoughts on “nom nom”

  1. Wow so it isn’t just me. Maybe I wasn’t dreaming that the boys nursed that often. Sometimes I wonder if my memory (or lack thereof) was exaggerated.

    I remember now how my butt and the couch were fast friends. I think they still write…

  2. Hah!

    I think it must be a tall woman thing. Caitlin nursed, but not that much!

    Y’all make big boys!

  3. My couch is definately having a love affair with my butt… they are incredibly close.

    I am glad it is not just me Val! We can remember the nursing madness together!!

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