Mommy knows best…

and when she tells you to relax while she picks up your house, you would be an idiot not to let her!!

We have had a nice time this weekend. Luke, Otter and I had dinner on Sunday night, and my mom and I have hung out, chatted, and gone shopping. She has spent some time organizing and cleaning my house, which is the most wonderful gift. Best of all, she has spent time spoiling Monkey, who needs a little spoiling. She is a much happier child now that Nama is here. After all, I get to spend more time with her too, since there is another set of snuglly arms here to tend the little tyrant.

Today we dropped Luke off at the train station and picked up Shane. He and mom are out having a beer or ten, as he has to return to school tomorrow, but it has been nice to introduce him to his nephew. We spent the afternoon hanging out and chatting, and then he read Monkey a story and off he and mom went!

I am recovering well, though I was too active today. It is hard for me to remember it was only 2 weeks ago when I had an 11 pound baby, and therefore I should take it easy. I feel like cleaning house and walking all over, but I am still at the stage where I pay for too much activity with cramps and increased bleeding. It is a pretty solid reminder to put your feet up, but unfortunately one that reminds you only after you have done too much.

Tomorrow we will get some news on the Vonage front, the next decision in the court case is due in, so Lee and I are little on edge tonight. I wish he didn’t have this added stress currently, so he could have some more ‘honeymoon’ time with his son. They do get a good deal of snuggle time though, Otter is curled up with him as I type!

Otter had his first bath this week, oh boy did he hate that! He spent the whole time scolding me for torturing him!

We are planning a mellow day tomorrow, with Otter and I most resting to make up for too much running around today. Here are some more “life at home” pictures:

Have Nama will Nap:

Mommy and Otter get ready for bed:

The first bath was NOT appreciated:

2 thoughts on “Mommy knows best…”

  1. Woman! Nap!

    I, Preggers With Twins, command it!

    That is all.

    P.S. I love the napping picture. So sweet!

  2. I was just thinking we should all call Oliver, Ollie. Actually is should be more of an, “Ah, Lee!” since he looks soooo much like his daddy!

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